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Rose Garden
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The rose garden in the United States Cohdopian Embassy was where Ambassador Quercus Alba was to have delivered a speech on the reunification of Allebahst and Babahl. The speech was interrupted by the apparent shadow of the Yatagarasu behind the podium, which caused the spectators to panic and flee the garden.

In his subsequent investigation to determine the identity of the Yatagarasu, Miles Edgeworth, aided by Franziska von Karma and Agent Shi-Long Lang, examined some overturned spotlights, a rose pool, which would play an integral role later on in the case, and the two statues that stood in the rose garden. The statues were those of "King Primidux and the Battlefield" and "The Queen Who Spoke of Love to King Primidux".

By combining the full silhouette of the statue of the King with the shadow of the Queen's hand, Edgeworth was able to determine that the apparent shadow made by the "Yatagarasu" had been a trick of the light. It was believed at this stage in the investigation that the culprit must have set up the lights in this manner prior to the ambassador's speech in order to confuse the audience and to create the illusion that the Yatagarasu had "visited" Allebahst that night. In reality, they had only visited Babahl that night, but it could have been assumed that there was an accomplice to the Yatagarasu on the Allebahstian side of the embassy.

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