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Russi Clover is a student obsessed with the supernatural. She has been defended by Phoenix Wright in court on two occasions and assisted Miles Edgeworth during a murder investigation.


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At the Fortune Center in Lordly Tailor, Clover met Phoenix Wright, who was visiting the center with Maya Fey. Clover's visit took a dark turn when one of the fortune tellers predicted that she would be possessed by a demon, and her luck soured further when she was found with the corpse of another fortune teller shortly after this prediction.

Tengu believer[]

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After hearing of a group that worshiped the "great lord Tengu", Clover visited the group's temple, where she became fascinated by the tengu after seeing him with her own eyes.

Clover and the ogre[]

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Clover later took on a part time job in the remote mountain hotel in order to see an ogre which supposedly resided around the area. While working at the hotel, she encountered Miles Edgeworth and Dick Gumshoe, who were visited the hotel after their car broke down. After a murder occurs on the very day that Edgeworth visits, Clover assists the prosecutor in finding the culprit.


  • "Hiiragi", her Japanese surname, translates as "holly", which is traditionally used in Japan to ward off evil.
  • Her Japanese given name "Kaede" translates as "maple", which in turn comes from the Japanese for "frog hand" (kaerude), owing to the maple leaves' supposed similarity to the hands of frogs. Since maple leaves are also well-known for turning red in fall, so the English localizers guessed that the name was probably a play on "red-handed".
  • The English localizers were unsure as to how they could fit the meaning of the Japanese given name into their version, so ultimately abandoned the "hand" part and settled on "Russi", which comes from the Latin "russus", meaning "red".
  • Her English surname of "Clover" was chosen to have a similar meaning to the Japanese version, as clover is traditionally used as a good-luck charm.