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Sōseki Natsume was a Japanese exchange student studying English literature in London during Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's time in the city. He was the defendant of in two of Ryūnoksuke's trials, having been suspected for the attempted murders of an English woman and man.

History[edit | edit source]

Japanese Sōseki Natsume wanted to be an author. So the government sent him to England research the English language. Unfortunately, he didn't have that much money and he wanted to save it on books. He felt like a real outsider with the people of England. The only place he could afford to stay was a boarding house owned by John Garrideb. Garrideb has the flat on the second floor available, but Natsume had heard rumors that the flat is supposedly haunted due to the former resident dying. Nonetheless, Natsume signed Garrideb's contract and stayed in the flat. But for several days Natsume felt like the rumor was true, before he goes to bed he felt like he was being watched. He wakes up to find the gas stove was turned off, the freezing room filled with gas, and having trouble breathing. He complained to the owner about it who dismissed him. One day, he went to the borscht shop, where a young woman named Viridian Green followed him. While he was eating soup, he told the shop owner what was going on in his flat. Unknown to him, this made Green have an epiphany regarding the former resident, her fiance.

 Accused of attempted murder[edit | edit source]

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One night, when he was walking home from a bookstore named Ragged Books, he just three books: The Portrait of Monsieur Lecoq, The Sea and Gaboriau, and Yearning for Canterbury. Just as he reached the complex on Briar Road, he stumbled across Green collapsed with a knife in her back. This scared him so much he dropped his books and ran away. Sherlock Holmes arrested Natsume for the attempted murder as he was near her.

No one seemed to want to be Sōseki Natsume's defense attorney because he ran from the crime scene and was Japanese. Ryūnosuke Naruhodō and Susato Mikotoba, who were also studying abroad, were assigned by chief justice Hart Vortex to defend Natsume. The trial didn't go so well at first, England recently signed an alliance treaty with Japan, so the people hate Natsume for affecting their society. To make matter's worse, the prosecutor was Death Bringer Barok van Zieks, he was known for his defendants dying whenever they get acquitted in his trials. Nonetheless, Naruhodō proved that John Garrideb's wife, Joan, threw the knife that hit Viridian Green. Whe coming back to Japan, Satoru Hosonaga arrested him in the ship where he was traveling because he seemed suspicious, when in reality, Natsume was hiding one of the newborn babies of Wagahai in his pocket.

 Continued accusations[edit | edit source]

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When he arrived back to the boarding house around 9 PM, Sōseki Natsume visited the flat on the first floor. He brought red tea to have with the tenant, Shakespeare obsessed William Petenshy. The two men had a Jujutsu battle with Petenshy dressed as Romeo and Natsume dressed as Juliet. Natsume actually won and left Petenshy's flat at 11. When he went to bed, he seemed to have had a dream where the ex-resident strangled him to death.

The next morning, Natsume and John Garrideb discovered William Petenshy unconscious and Natsume sent a telegraph to Sherlock Holmes for help. Unfortunately, Holmes and Naruhodō's joint reasoning only ended up having him arrested again. Naruhodō says he'll defend him again and Natsume gives him and Susato information about him living in the flat in the gaol. The information included a dangerous criminal named Selden, the resident before Duncan Ross who died before Natsume moved in.

The final turnabout for Natsume's trial was a surprising one. William Petenshy actually took care of Selden in jail and was promised a treasure in his flat. Petenshy tried to use the gas pipe to scared Ross out but he ended up dead. Petenshy was going to do the same thing to Sōseki Natsume, explaining all the weird hauntings, but Viridian Green, Ross' fiancé, put poison on in the pipes.

 Witness to Murder[edit | edit source]

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With Yūjin in the newspaper

On the steamship back to Japan, Natsume was approached by Yūjin Mikotoba who wanted to know about the case involving the treasure Selden stole. When Natsume got back to Japan, he wrote his first book entitled I Am a Cat. The book was a smashing hit making Natsume quite famous. Yūjin invited him to Yuumei Acadamy for an interview, the author got himself a reporter Taikoku News named Heita Mamemomi.

Name[edit | edit source]

Development[edit | edit source]

  • Sōseki Natsume was a real-life Japanese author who lived from February 9, 1867 – December 9, 1916. Like the character in Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken, Natsume also visited the United Kingdom as an exchange student to study English literature. Unfortunately, he did not enjoy the majority of his time in the country and became somewhat reclusive. However, he did learn a great deal during his time abroad, and eventually became a professor of English literature at the Tokyo Imperial University when he returned home. Natsume went on to become one of Japan's most notable authors, with one of his most famous works being I Am a Cat (吾輩は猫である Wagahai wa Neko de Aru), a satirical novel about Japanese society during the Meji period written from the point of view of a supercilious house cat; the Dai Gyakuten Saiban: Naruhodō Ryūnosuke no Bōken version of the author owns a cat named Wagahai, referencing this novel. According to Takumi Saito, Sōseki's relatives said he could do whether he wanted with him.
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