Sōseki Natsume's Room
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Natsume's room
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The second floor of the boarding house owned by John Garrideb. It is also called the "Haunted Apartment of Death" by the newspapers of London.

"Selden's residency" Edit

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This flat was originally the secret hideout of a notorious criminal from Manchester named Selden. In 1899, he had charges of eighteen cases of robbery and six cases of murder, was arrested and put on death row. But before he left the boarding house, he hid the Baskerville dog collar once worn by Klimt van Zieks' dog, which was worth one thousand pounds, that he stole from his manor, inside a secret compartment on the ceiling. A street photographer named Duncan Ross came across this available flat and decided to take residency since the rent was low and he wanted a room with a history.

"Duncan Ross' residency" Edit


Duncan Ross

William Petenshy came to John Garrideb requesting the flat on the second floor. Since Ross occupied the room already, Petenshy settled for the room just below. That's when Petenshy decided to scare Ross out of the room by blowing into the gas pipe which would cause the low pressure will temporarily rise causing every connecting lamp to waver. But he blew too hard and the flames went out causing a gas leak making it hard for Ross to breathe. This lead people to believe that Selden's spirit lurks in the room after he died of an illness about three days prior and will curse all the future residents with death via strangling. Ross' fiancé, fellow art student Viridian Green, begged him to move out of the flat in fear of the gas leaks killing him. Ross was actually going to move to a better place, though he didn't want to live with Green because he promised to graduate before he met her parents. But later that night, Ross died of asphyxiation.

"Sōseki Natsume's residency" Edit

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Sōseki Natsume mugshot

Sōseki Natsume

By the time the investigation surrounding Ross' death was complete and the gas pipes were fixed, an exchange student from Japan named Sōseki Natsume moved in. He didn't have a lot of money and wanted to save it on books. Petenshy tried to moved into the flat again before but Landlord Garrideb refused because he hasn't paid his rent, so he continued to blow into the pipes. For several days, Natsume woke up to find the stove was turned off, the freezing room filled with gas, and feeling like he was being watched. He complained to Garrideb about it who dismissed him. After Green heard about his experiences within the "cursed" apartment, and remembering a conversation between two gas company employees, Green had a suspicion about Petenshy and put poison on the pipe line to confirm it. Petenshy actually took care of Selden in jail so he promised him the treasure. When Sherlock Holmes and his friends discovered the dog collar, the detective was worried that this case might reveal that Iris Watson's father, Klimt, was a serial killer. So he refused her to publish or even write a story about this "Case of the Haunted Lodging" and gave the collar to Tobias Gregson. After Natsume moved out, the curse rumors were dodged and no one moved into this flat as they were uninterested.

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