SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters DS is a collectible card video game developed by SNK Playmore with cooperation from Capcom. It is part of the SNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters Clash video game series, which is a spin-off from the popular series of fighting games by SNK and Capcom (namely The King of Fighters and Street Fighter, respectively), but also includes numerous references and cards based on or around a variety of other different video games from both companies.

Ace Attorney cardsEdit

The Ace Attorney series is represented in the game by four Character Cards and an Action Card. Card rarity in the game is ranked, from rarest to most common, S-A-B-C-D.

Character CardsEdit

  • Franziska von Karma is a card with a rarity level of "B".
    • Special Power: "Perfection Makes Right" - Unfreezes one Character Card from the Ring. Or it freezes 1 Character Card that is not frozen.
    • Profile: An ultra-elite 13-year-old DA who'll destroy and tamper with evidence to win under the idea Perfection makes right. She snaps her whip at any who dare call her into question. Aren't such stunts supposed to be banned in the courtroom?
  • Mia Fey is a card with a rarity level of "C".
    • Special Power: "Spiritual Power" - Selects 1 Character Card that's unfrozen in the opponent Ring and then freezes it. (This card can not be used if there aren't any unfrozen Character Cards in the opponent Ring.)
    • Profile: An able lawyer who managed the firm of Fey and Associates who was killed as she was about to find where her mother was. Even dead, she helps Phoenix through her sisters Maya and Pearl who have spiritual abilities to channel anyone.
  • Miles Edgeworth is a card that the player starts the game with and has a rarity level of "B".
    • Special Power: "Your Alibi Checks Out" - allows you to draw cards until you have the same number as your opponent.
    • Profile: "Pal/rival to Phoenix Wright, he's a master prosecutor. As a child, he idolized his lawyer father who was killed. By convicting hoods, he hopes to avenge his slain father. He's bright and looks sharp but has trouble recalling names."
  • Phoenix Wright is a card that the player gains by winning 10 times against a boss opponent. The illustration was done specially by TONKO. It has a rarity level of "S".
    • Special Power: "OBJECTION!" - gives 100 times the number on the die of damage to the opponent.
    • Profile: This art major makes for an unusual lawyer. A brutal cross-examiner, he even scares his mentor Mia Fey. Many note his special haircut but he's had it since childhood. Should you pass by a courtroom, you're sure to his Objection!

Action CardsEdit

  • Out of Order! is a card that can be bought as part of the "Bonus B pack" at a card shop in the game.
    • Action: gives 100 points of damage for each card in your opponent's hand.
    • Description: Phoenix Wright/Miles Edgeworth ACE ATTORNEY These pals from childhood are rivals who can really heat up a courtroom. Miles whip out material proof! Phoenix comes back: Objection! Just who'll get the last word?!



There are a number of errors in the card descriptions for the Ace Attorney Character Cards:

  • The phrasing of the Franziska von Karma card makes it seem as if she is 13 years old. Although she did indeed become a prosecutor at that age (and her 13 year old self does appear in the Ace Attorney series), she was 18 when she first appeared in the games. The art used for this card is of her older self.
  • Von Karma's card also erroneously states that she'll "destroy and tamper with evidence to win"; in the games, she has only been shown to withhold information, manipulate witness testimony, and break evidence law to show a picture of the defendant channeling a deceased spirit to the judge. Additionally, aside from withholding information (which all prosecutors in the series have been shown to do), the other two examples were only during her first and second trials against Wright.
  • Mia Fey is stated to have managed the "Fey and Associates" law firm, when it should be the "Fey & Co. Law Offices". Her card also says that she "was killed as she was about to find where her mother was", when the games clearly state that she was intent on getting revenge for her mother's discreditation at the hands of Redd White, and make no mention of Mia making any progress towards finding out what had happened to her mother.
  • Mia's card also states that Maya and Pearl have the "spiritual abilities to channel anyone". Although this may be true for Pearl, Maya has been repeatedly shown in the series to be struggling to master her powers, and often failed to summon her sister whenever she wanted. It also states that both Maya and Pearl are Mia's sisters, when in actuality only Maya is Mia's sister; Pearl is their cousin.
  • Edgeworth's card description gives his motivation as a prosecutor as an attempt to avenge his father. Although not incompatible with his early beliefs, the Edgeworth in the Ace Attorney games was mainly said to be motivated by a hatred towards criminals early on in his career, and then later by a pursuit of the truth.
  • Although Phoenix Wright was an art major at college, he dropped the subject to study law instead; the card makes it seem as if he completed the course and then studied law.
  • Wright's card also erroneously states that his "brutal" cross-examination techniques "scare[s] [even] his mentor Mia Fey" (Mia has never been shown to be worried by Wright's cross-examinations, and in fact is often the one who pushes him to be more persistent), and that "many note his special haircut but he's had it since childhood", when Wright has stated that he doesn't style his hair - it's just naturally spiky.