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Shi-Long Lang
...what is it to open an old wound for the House of Lang?

The SS-5 Incident refers to two crimes that took place near an orphanage in February 2007. Photojournalist Jack Cameron was killed while witnessing what he believed was a kidnapping of President Di-Jun Wang of Zheng Fa. The perpetrators later claimed that they had indeed kidnapped the president, and demanded that the government of Zheng Fa pay a hefty ransom fee for him. The incident had profound implications for the nation of Zheng Fa, especially the House of Lang, whose illustrious legacy in Zheng Fa's law enforcement was brought to a swift, ignoble end.

The crimes[]

The incident was set into motion when one of the president's doubles, frustrated with his position as a mere figurehead, planned an assassination. To this end, he hired assassin Sirhan Dogen and teamed up with Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste to influence any investigations in his favor. The body double saw his chance when the real president was sent a Moozilla Doll that doubled as an audio recording device by his secret lover, Amy Marsh. A message inside the doll asked him to meet Amy and their newborn son John at the Happy Family Home orphanage at midnight on February 10, 2007. Debeste, in turn, bribed the orphanage director, Patricia Roland, into helping them. The president also had a meeting with Dai-Long Lang, his chief bodyguard, at the embassy of Zheng Fa in the United States, so he had the double take his place there while he went to the orphanage.

Snow had been piling up the whole afternoon, but it stopped snowing before the incident. Amy headed for the orphanage, but Debeste stalked her until she gave up and returned home. By midnight, most of the children were asleep, but Simon Keyes was still outside, inside an igloo. It was then that Wang made it to the orphanage, leaving footprints in the snow, and waited. Keyes would come to witness everything that followed.


Moments before the assassination.

The president was playing the message from Amy again when Dogen suddenly emerged in front of him. After the assassin told Wang who he was, the president begged him to wait until he could see his son. Dogen ignored him and attacked, but the first blow missed, cutting off one of the horns on the doll instead, where the message was stored. The second blow was fatal.

The cover-up[]

Debeste and Roland planned to betray and kill Dogen to help cover their tracks. However, Keyes, who had been saved by Dogen seven years ago, warned the assassin of this. He then went outside, wearing a red raincoat, and started a kerosene fire to distract the would-be traitors while Dogen escaped. The fire spread over a large area and erased all of the footprints save for the ones that Roland and the real president had made. Keyes also retrieved the horn and kept it in his room.

Afterward, Debeste and Roland took the corpse to bury it under one of the flowerbeds on the orphanage grounds. Jack Cameron, a freelance journalist who was investigating Debeste, spotted the Chief Prosecutor and the orphanage director with the corpse. However, he was under the impression that the president had been kidnapped. He called Jill Crane, his girlfriend, and left her a voice message. While he was sending the message, the body double arrived and hit him from behind with a brick. Cameron grabbed a nearby snowman to try to break his fall, but he succumbed to the injury and only managed to grab hold of the snowman's left button eye.

Cameron's voice message
Hello, Jill? Are you asleep already? I'm in front of the facility now, but... something's not right. President Wang is here of all places. And what's more... Crap. The light just went off. I can barely see a thing now. I can't believe it, but it almost looks like he's been kidnapped. I thought I'd let you know...

The body double discovered the message and realized that a fake kidnapping had to be arranged to account for the message, which would soon make it to the police. The body double gave Debeste Cameron's camera, and the three took a photo of Roland, wearing a coat and hat and shot from behind so as to be unidentifiable, appearing to threaten the president with a gun from outside the entrance. The body double then stepped over the real president's footprints and planted the body with the camera and photo inside the orphanage grounds near the pool of blood from the real president's murder, then planted his shoes on Cameron to disguise the president's footprints as Cameron's. The scene would appear as if Cameron had witnessed the kidnapping from inside the orphanage grounds.


The fake photo.

The investigation of the murder started around 7:22 a.m. later that day. Debeste took charge of the investigation to tamper with the evidence, including the blood tests. Meanwhile, the "kidnappers" demanded a ransom for the president, which the government of Zheng Fa paid. The "president", really the body double, was returned to them, securing the switcheroo and making the body double effectively the president of Zheng Fa.


The drawing of the assassination.

Lang conducted an investigation on the kidnapping. During the course of his investigation, he met Keyes, who drew a picture of what he had seen. The truth that the president had been assassinated was shocking, and Lang realized that this revelation would have dire implications for his country. Instead of revealing this truth, he hid the drawing, took full responsibility for the "kidnapping", and was demoted. Meanwhile, Roland subjected Keyes to constant interrogation. Eventually, the boy ran away, leaving his possessions behind, including the horn.

Still, Lang continued his investigation and eventually arrested Roland. However, since the "kidnapping" had taken place outside the orphanage, a connection between the kidnapping and the facility was difficult to prove. Crane took Roland's case to get to the bottom of what had happened to Cameron, but all she got was a suspicious not guilty verdict for her client. Afterward, Lang resigned from the force. The body double, fearful of anyone finding out the truth, shut off the Lang family and hired private security. Thus, the prestige that the House of Lang enjoyed was essentially obliterated.



The conspirators.

The SS-5 Incident negatively impacted on many people. Debeste especially became the target of resentment and retribution among several individuals, though he was able to continue to abuse his influence for the next 12 years. Eventually, he left the Chief Prosecutor's job and became the chair of the Prosecutorial Investigation Committee. After the Happy Family Home closed down, he gave Roland the position of warden of the prison and detention center. Meanwhile, Crane continued Cameron's investigation, and in the process, she also joined the P.I.C. along with her friend Verity Gavèlle.

Dai-Long's son Shi-Long lost his faith in the courts and came to view all prosecutors as corrupt. In his effort to restore his family name, he joined Interpol and quickly rose up in the ranks to become one of their top officers. Unbeknownst to him and the rest of Zheng Fa's citizens, however, the main instigator of the SS-5 Incident was right under their nose, posing as their respected president. Despite the success of his plan, however, the body double lived a fearful, paranoid existence and could only feign the courage that the real president had. Roland, too, became terrorized by what she had done when Sirhan Dogen was caught, prosecuted by Miles Edgeworth, and sent to her prison. Due to his knowledge of what had really happened, he was able to threaten Roland into doing his bidding.

Finally, the whole incident crushed Simon Keyes's faith in the legal process. After running away, he spent his life in hiding from Debeste's lackeys, until he eventually found a job as a circus performer. He decided to follow in Dogen's footsteps, as he didn't want to become "a weak person who could get murdered". He adopted a "kill or be killed" attitude and plotted revenge against the three criminals.


Main article: The Grand Turnabout

Twelve years after SS-5, the truth was gradually unraveled. It all began when the body double visited Gourd Lake, and Keyes orchestrated a plan to bring all of them down. As a result of his machinations, Roland ended up killing Horace Knightley and was arrested by Edgeworth. Later, he manipulated Crane and Debeste into trying to kill each other, and kidnapped Kay Faraday to get Edgeworth to investigate the resulting case. As he was taking Faraday to the top of Grand Tower, he encountered the body double and ended up killing him.

Meanwhile, Debeste killed Crane and tried to cover it up, arresting both Faraday and Edgeworth. He then went to dig up the real president's body because that area was about to be used for a construction project. Edgeworth was able to get Debeste arrested, but the chairman tried to manipulate Roland's trial so that she would be acquitted. He was found out on this as well, revoking his authority over the files of cases that he had led, including the SS-5 Incident. This in turn allowed Edgeworth and Shi-Long to solve the SS-5 Incident for good, and eventually find Keyes and arrest him for his crimes.