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(All I see is an old, cracked piece of pottery...)

The Sacred Urn is an indigo vase with a big cork as a lid, and the most precious treasure of Kurain Village. The people of the Fey clan believe that it contains the soul of Ami Fey, founder of the Fey clan and the inventor of the Kurain Channeling Technique, and that their spiritual powers will last as long as her soul remains inside. However, the urn has been broken at least three times, and it was evidence in two cases that Phoenix Wright took on. It is usually kept in the Winding Way at Fey Manor. It apparently has no monetary value.

Recent history[]

Caught in the act

Mia, Maya, and the urn.

Mia Fey and her sister Maya broke the urn when they were young children. Their mother, Misty Fey, caught them in the act and took a picture of a surprised Mia trying to piece together the urn while Maya was crying. Misty kept this photo inside the Kurain Master's Talisman that she wore, symbolizing her daughters' importance to her.

Years later, Pearl broke the urn accidentally while playing with a ball in a hallway of the Fey home. She tried to glue it back together, but her panicked state and inability to spell resulted in her putting the pieces together incorrectly, meaning that the letters on the urn now read "I AM" instead of "AMI". Phoenix Wright later used the urn to disprove the testimony of a witness to a murder that had occurred around the same time.

Maya, Pearl, and Ami

The Sacred Urn, restored at last.

A year later, at Lordly Tailor, the Sacred Urn was the centerpiece of a collection of artifacts in an exhibit dedicated to the Fey clan. Andrews accidentally broke the urn while moving it into a storage area, making it fall in a puddle of paint she accidentally spilled, and it was then that the urn was put back together correctly. Luke Atmey later stole the urn as part of a plot to murder Kane Bullard and frame Ron DeLite for the crime.

Nine years later, the Sacred Urn, still covered with pink paint, was seen in Archie Buff's study, along with a golden statue of Ami Fey and the scroll of Misty Fey from Hazakura Temple, covered in gravy. At this point, the telltale cracks were more pronounced.


Sacred Urn anime

As depicted in the anime.

  • There is a slight animation error in the anime adaptation regarding the Sacred Urn, where one of the broken pieces at the center seems to indicate that the kanji in Ami Fey's name had been reversed all along, when in fact this is not supposed to be the case on the original urn.