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Samurai Dogs are simply hot dogs sold under the name of the Samurai franchise. There have been both official and unofficial versions. Missile the police dog and Wendy Oldbag are both great fans of Samurai Dogs. A box of official Samurai Dogs was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murders of Manny Coachen and Ka-Shi Nou.

Butz dogs[]

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Gourd beach

Larry Butz's Samurai Dog stand.

Toward the end of 2016, Larry Butz, looking for a job, started selling somewhat gourd-shaped hot dogs that he called "Gourd Dogs" at the Gourd Lake public beach. His then-girlfriend Kiyance told him to change the name to "Samurai Dogs" and dress up as Santa Claus in order to increase their popularity, though the same hot dogs would be used. To help publicize this new idea, and despite the potential legal implications, Butz set up a large inflatable Steel Samurai beside his stall. As Butz wasn't much of a technician, he used an air tank to inflate it. However, the valve on the air tank broke, and the set-up shot up into the air. The resulting loud noise drew people's attention, and while someone was taking a photo of the lake, the air tank crashed down into the water as the photo went off. The resulting image was sent to newspapers, as the resulting silhouette resembled a lake monster that was subsequently named "Gourdy".

Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey later visited the lake to investigate a murder for which Miles Edgeworth was being accused. Butz was not around when the two first found the stall, and Fey begged Wright to buy her a Samurai Dog, excited by the name. Later that day, the pair met Butz at the stall, who admitted that he still had no way of paying Wright for defending him in a previous murder trial, but instead allowed them to help themselves to as many Samurai Dogs as they wanted, much to Fey's excitement.

Wright and Fey later returned with the police-trained K-9 dog Missile, who they had borrowed from Dick Gumshoe, to the public beach. Although Butz was initially excited to see the cute dog and tried to pet him, Missile almost immediately launched into his stall and ate each and every last Samurai Dog, leaving Butz is left in tears and angrily demanding to know why Wright and Fey had let Missile do that.

Bloodstained evidence[]

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Global Studios eventually made "Samurai Dogs" of their own, and by 2019, they were being sold at the Cohdopian Embassy building as part of the Samurai franchise's involvement in a goodwill event between Allebahst and Babahl. Despite being intended as a gift from the studio for the two nations, Wendy Oldbag, who was playing the part of the Pink Princess for a Steel Samurai stage show, helped herself to some of them. The event was cut short due to the murder of Manny Coachen in the secretariat's office of Colias Palaeno in the Babahlese side of the embassy, as well as the murder of Ka-Shi Nou in the Ambassador's Office of the Allebahstian side. Much later, Miles Edgeworth confronted Ambassador Quercus Alba of Allebahst, whom he believed was the mastermind behind both an international smuggling ring and the two murders. Alba eventually admitted to Nou's murder, but due to extraterritoriality rights, he had the right to be tried for that murder in his own country, where he had influence over the courts.

Edgeworth and his allies gathered evidence to prove that Alba had killed Coachen. The victim's blood was found inside the pushcart that had originally contained the Samurai Dogs. Later, Oldbag stepped in, completely oblivious to what was going on, and handed Edgeworth a "special" Samurai Dog box that had the red "Rising Sun" of the Japanese flag on it. Edgeworth soon realized that said "sun" was, in fact, a single drop of blood, which Edgeworth tied to Alba, proving his presence in the dressing room where Coachen was killed.


In the anime adaptation and the Japanese versions of the trilogy, Samurai Dogs appear as "Samurai Buns". They're a round shaped pastry with either meat or red bean paste, with the Steel Samurai burned on top of the pastry.