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The Samurai Spear is the signature weapon of the Steel Samurai in the popular Global Studios television show The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo. The heroic titular character used it to battle his nemesis, the Evil Magistrate.

The spear props used for the television and stage shows were initially believed to be the murder weapons in two separate murders. However, in both cases, it was later revealed that the true murder weapon was something else entirely.

Murder weapon?[]

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Dick Gumshoe presented the spear during the first trial day of Will Powers as evidence in the murder of Jack Hammer. Some time after, Wendy Oldbag informed the court that, during the morning run-through, Powers had tripped and broken the Samurai Spear by accident, and she had mended it with duct tape. The spear was also used to show that Cody Hackins was not the killer.

During the third trial day, Wright deduced that the spear was not the murder weapon, as it would have been broken otherwise.

Suspected again[]

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Before a Steel Samurai stage show at the Theatrum Neutralis of the Cohdopian Embassy, Larry Butz, the actor playing the Steel Samurai for the show, accidentally hit the spear against a wall, bending it because it was hollow and not a real weapon. This resulted in a last-minute change to a special move used during the stage show. It was later left in the Allebahstian Ambassador's Office.

Edgeworth later used this fact to prove that the Samurai Sword could not have been the murder weapon, as like the spear, it was hollow and would bend if it had been used. Later, in an attempt to claim an alibi for the murder of Manny Coachen, Quercus Alba claimed that he had seen the show, and described the special move used by the Steel Samurai. However, Edgeworth caught him on the fact that he had described the original special move, not the altered one actually used during the show.