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"Sandwich" was a street vendor and a witness for Tobias Gregson's murder. Ryunosuke Naruhodo points out that he looks familiar, and he seems to be suspiciously similar to Beppo.

Witness to murder[edit | edit source]

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"Sandwich" worked as a street vendor on Fresno Street just outside an old apartment. He gives people information and directions, his fellow street vendors are a firecracker seller nicknamed "Venus" and a story seller nicknamed "Gossip".

One day, after he received information about a league from "Gossip". "Sandwich" saw a man with red hair and prosecutor Barok van Zieks enter the apartment. After that, he heard what seemed like a gunshot and ran towards the apartment with the other street vendors to investigate. Inside a room, they found the corpse of detective Tobias Gregson, it looks as if van Zieks shot him. "Sandwich" also found a large suitcase, he took it and tried to sell it for good money. Gregson's protégé, Gina Lestrade, wouldn't allow it and had her dog, Toby, attack him to get it back.

The street vendor was called as a witness to the prosecutor's secret trial. He revealed information that the other vendors didn't tell after Ryunosuke Naruhodo noticed him twirling his sign and stroking his mustache.

Personality[edit | edit source]

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Name[edit | edit source]

  • His name comes from his occupation as a sandwich street vendor.
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