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I'm a th-thinker, me. Think all sorts of thoughts. I think, therefore I am. I am, therefore I think. Because I stand there on the street, w-watchin' the w-world go on about me, they call me 'The Observator'.

"Sandwich" was a street vendor and a witness for Tobias Gregson's murder. Ryunosuke Naruhodo points out that he looks familiar, and he seems to be suspiciously similar to Beppo.

Witness to murder[]

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"Sandwich" worked as a street vendor on Fresno Street just outside an old apartment. He gives people information and directions, his fellow street vendors are a firecracker seller nicknamed "Venus" and a story seller nicknamed "Gossip".

One day, after he received information about a league from "Gossip". "Sandwich" saw a man with red hair and prosecutor Barok van Zieks enter the apartment. After that, he heard what seemed like a gunshot and ran towards the apartment with the other street vendors to investigate. Inside a room, they found the corpse of detective Tobias Gregson, it looks as if van Zieks shot him. "Sandwich" also found a large suitcase, he took it and tried to sell it for good money. Gregson's protégé, Gina Lestrade, wouldn't allow it and had her dog, Toby, attack him to get it back.

The street vendor was called as a witness to the prosecutor's secret trial. He revealed information that the other vendors didn't tell after Ryunosuke Naruhodo noticed him twirling his sign and stroking his mustache. Should Ryunosuke press his first statement, he asks whether "Sandwich" is the omnibus driver they'd met in a prior case, which the man reacts to by going silent and intensifying his trembling before hiding behind his sign.

Later on, during their second day of investigation, Gina Lestrade reveals that Toby had tracked down Gregson's scent to "Sandwich", who had stolen Gregson's trunk from the crime scene in hopes of selling it. After being caught, "Sandwich" returned the trunk to Gina, who kept it for herself.


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There's, there's really n-n-nothing to me. Empty in the head, I am. Just two slices with no middle.

Unlike his fellow witnesses, "Sandwich" does not sell any wares, instead offering to listen to peoples' problems and offer advice.



"Sandwich" is identical in appearance to Beppo, even sharing the same scarf and carrying a whip. Rather than Beppo's Coachmen's Guild uniform, "Sandwich" wears an olive bowler hat and a matching, visibly-worn coat over a white shirt. He also wears a sandwich board with the words "Hot! Actual Hero!" painted on both sides.


  • Art Director Kazuya Nuri states that the role of "Sandwich" was conceptualized as a brand new character. However, due to circumstances, Nuri suggested combining the character with Beppo, proposing that this could be his new job after getting laid off due to the events of The Adventure of the Runaway Room.[1]


  1. Nuri: Sandwich - He was originally going to be a completely new character but due to circumstances, I suggested that we merge him with Beppo from Adventures.
    I figured this could be his new job after he'd lost his old one over the omnibus incident. And so, mixing elements of what was to be a new character with his old self, Beppo was reborn...sort of...
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