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Sanmon Sonohigurashi
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Sanmon Sonohigurashi
A koban! A quality, irreplacable golden coin, dating from the Houei era!

Sanmon Sonohigurashi was an antique salesman dining at the "La Quantos" restaurant when John Watson was murdered. He appeared as a witness during Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's subsequent trial for the crime.

Witness to murderEdit

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Sanmon Sonohigurashi was a Japanese antique dealer who owned an emporium on Street 2 Kado known as the Hall of Discard. One day, at the resturant La Quantos, he met a soldier named Taizou Uzukumaru. Unknown to him, Taizou stole his koban, intending to sell it due to the poor pay he received. While he was looking under the table, Sonohigurashi heard a gunshot and turned around to see what appeared to be a young man who just shot a British man.

Sonohigurashi was a witness to the trial of the incident. Satoru Hosonaga ordered him and Taizou not reveal the British woman there at the time to keep the bonds between their country and the Great British empire. The defendant, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, not only exposed the theft of Sonohigurashi's koban but also revealed that the British woman killed the man. Naturally, Sonohigurashi was furious at Taizou. During an argument after the trial, they sat on a bench where Naruhodō wanted to look for his missing armband. The two men hear about how Kazuma Asōgi first met Naruhodō and learn bad he is at tongue twisters. Afterwards, Sanmon Sonohigurashi was a witness to Taizou Uzukumaru's trial regarding his stolen koban.


Sonohigurashi often spoke in a complex manner. He was obssessed with antiques to the point of carrying a few with him, as well as often examining them during court. He was generally polite, although he could become hasty during certain situations, such as when his koban was found.

He was a frequent costumer at La Quantos, which, according to Kazuma, lead to him persuading other costumers into buying his wares. This ended up with him becoming a victim to Taizou's habit of stealing, although it seemed he suspected Taizou from stealing it.

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  • His given name "Sanmon" means "three pennies", while his family name "Sonohigurashi" means "making a living day-by-day".
  • The name "Sanmon" (三文) matches the Chinese spelling for "salmon", however this may very well be a coincidence.