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This article is about the piece of evidence in Turnabout Beginnings. For other pieces of evidence with the same name, see Scarf (disambiguation).

A scarf was a piece of evidence in the trial of Terry Fawles for the murder of Valerie Hawthorne.

Involvement in a murder[]

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Fawles and Valerie were supposed to meet at Dusky Bridge, with Valerie Hawthorne wearing the scarf to help Fawles identify her. However, Dahlia Hawthorne murdered Valerie and wore the scarf herself in order to fool Fawles into thinking that she was Valerie. She did this to frame Fawles by establishing that he had supposedly met Valerie at the bridge shortly before police got there to arrest him and discover the real Valerie's body. The scarf was left on the bridge, staining it with mud, where it was found and submitted as evidence against Fawles.

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