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Babahlese Secretariat's Office
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The Babahlese secretariat's office was the office of Manny Coachen until he was found dead there in 2019.

One corner of the room was decorated with a number of objects that Ambassador Colias Palaeno believed to be fascinating American artifacts, but were mainly just tacky souvenirs for tourists. These objects included: a brown/grizzly bear statue with a fish in its mouth, a bald eagle statue, two small versions of the Statue of Liberty, a small replica of the Gateway Arch, and a buckskin cowboy outfit on the wall.

Beside these "relics" was a grandfather clock that contained a coil of wire used by Shih-na as part of a pulley system to switch the Allebahstian and Babahlese Primidux Statues. The safe beside the fireplace could only be opened with a unique key and contained a hidden compartment with various smuggled items from around the world that Coachen had hoarded.

Version differencesEdit

Secretariat's office

Japanese version.

In the original Japanese version of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, the souvenirs are "relics" from Japan rather than the United States. For example, the buckskin cowboy outfit on the wall was originally a kimono.

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