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Secrets of the Underground Ruins
Secrets of the Underground Ruins
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Investigation team
Hershel Layton
Maya Fey
Phoenix Wright
Luke Triton
Espella Cantabella
Other individuals
The Great Witch
Small room
Great Witch's abode
Wagon station
Shades' workshop
Great Witch's room
Sealed way
Altar room
Puzzle 56: Marionettes 2
Puzzle 57: Objectionable Lock
Puzzle 58: Monster Dash
Puzzle 59: Seal of Leviathan
Puzzle 60: Seal of Despair
Puzzle 61: Seal of Sages
Hershel Layton
Let us go forth and solve the mystery that is Labyrinthia, shall we?

Chapter 6: Secret of the Underground Ruins is the sixth chapter of Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. The two groups of investigators finally reunite and decide to explore the strange underground ruins they have discovered.

The Great Witch in the ruins[]

As they were following the trail of the Great Witch, Hershel Layton and Maya Fey came across a boat and a waterway. At the end of the waterway were some ancient underground ruins. A stone walkway branched into two paths, each leading to a doorway, though one of them was sealed shut. They went through the other doorway to a small room, where they heard the voice of the Great Witch.

It was apparent that the Great Witch had led Layton here. She told him that the ruins would explain why the Storyteller had been writing the Story in the first place. Moreover, she was not Bezella; the Shades referred to her as the "Great Witch" for a different reason. She told them that by finding the truth, they would find Bezella. She then left, leaving the key to the sealed door.

The wagon's destination[]

Meanwhile, the wagon that Phoenix Wright, Luke Triton and Espella Cantabella were riding stopped, and the three got off. They found someone in a hood nearby, who told them that they were in the Eldwitch Woods, where the Shades lived. Cantabella said that this seemed similar to a children's story in Labyrinthia that told of a forest in which the spirits of witches lived. They decided to investigate the house nearby.

The three went through the Shades' workshop and the Great Witch's room, noting that there was something familiar about the scent of the liquids being brewed. They made it to the ruins, where they reunited with Hershel Layton and Maya Fey. They celebrated the reunion and caught each other up on what each group had encountered.

Navigating the ruins[]

Afterward, the five tackled the sealed door. It would not be as simple as inserting the key into the keyhole.

Wright figured out that the key was actually a set of puzzle pieces that fit into the indentation around the supposed keyhole. Beyond the door was another room, which had a river flowing through it.

There was a stone slab in the room, which Layton deciphered. It was a warning:

Heed these words, those who enter through these gates of destruction. Do not proceed any further. Or you will soon find yourself haunted with memories most terrifying. When this gate is opened and the dreaded sound heard once more throughout, the calamity shall befall us once again. The Inner Sanctum has been locked with the Three Seals. The first is the Seal of Leviathan. Second is the Seal of Despair. The third is the Seal of Sages. Leave these seals in peace or face the dire consequences. Heed this warning well.

The group speculated that something, possibly Bezella herself, had been sealed in this place, but someone had unsealed it. They decided to press forward to find the truth about Labyrinthia and the Storyteller. The Seals turned out to be puzzles.

The Bell of Ruin[]

The group made it past the puzzles to an altar room. The pedestal at the other end of the room was empty, but judging by the inscriptions on the walls, a giant silver bell was supposed to be on it. The inscriptions told of a catastrophe that had befallen the civilization that had lived here when the "Bell of Ruin" was rung. There seemed to be parallels to the Legendary Fire.

Suddenly, Cantabella had another, more complete flashback. She saw herself as a child, looking over a burning town, with a fiery dragon overhead. She then went into a trance, saying that she was Bezella, and ran away. The others chased after her and searched the ruins and the forest, but they could not find her. They decided to return to the town, and a rainstorm began, signaling the beginning of the end.

References to other cases[]

  • Upon revealing the key to Phoenix Wright, Maya will say, "Zvarri! The professor and I found this back in the side-room over there!" "Zvarri" was the catchphrase of the self-styled "Ace Detective" Luke Atmey, who appeared in The Stolen Turnabout. This is the third chapter in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney in which Maya has used the phrase (the other two being The Great Witch and A Taste of Despair).

References to pop culture[]

Other languages[]

  • French - Les Secrets des Ruines Souterraines (lit. "The Secrets of the Underground Ruins")
  • German - Die geheimnisvollen Ruinen (lit. "The Mysterious Ruins")
  • Italian - Le rovine sotterranee (lit. "The underground ruins")