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Security Room
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The security room located in the 3rd floor of the basement in the KB Security building was where Ron DeLite, Larry Butz and Wendy Oldbag all spent their time when employed as security guards at the company. The room consists of various machines and screens for the security cameras linked to the whole building. It also has a buzzer system connected to the CEO's office, which leaves a record when used. A lever is also present among the machines, which when pulled, as once remarked by Oldbag, would lead to something disastrous. Two workstations are present, one for monitoring the security cameras, and the other in front of another set of high-tech equipment. A poster consisting of a set of guard's commandments was put up and signed by Wendy Oldbag. The poster included the following commandments:

  1. Obey thy superior
  2. Respect thy superior
  3. Smile at thy superior
  4. Salute thy superior
  5. Buy donuts for thy superior on command

On either side of the workstations, several food articles could be seen.

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