This article is about the piece of evidence in Rise From the Ashes. For other pieces of evidence with the same (or similar) name, see Video Tape (disambiguation).

Security video footage from the police department evidence room was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Bruce Goodman.

Goodman's murder[edit | edit source]

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On the second day of the trial of Lana Skye for the murder, Mike Meekins was called to testify. To corroborate his testimony, he showed the security video to the court, depicting the altercation. Upon examining the video, Wright discovered that the locker had been unlocked even before the "Detective Goodman" in the video had opened it. He then used the white object that fell out of the locker in the video to show how the locker had been kept unlocked. Afterwards, he used it to show that Jake Marshall really had been in the evidence room, as after the attack on Meekins, his safe had clearly been opened and an item stuck inside. This meant that, unlike Detective Goodman's locker, which had been open even before he'd opened it, Marshall had opened his locker afterwards. Wright checked the locker again sometime afterwards, and discovered that Marshall had opened his locker because of the white coat that had ended up bloody because of officer Meekins.

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