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Looks like...I'm gonna snuff it... before they get to stretch me neck... Listen... I want you to 'ave me loot. Anyfin'... to stop the coppers gettin' their mitts on it... It's 'idden in the room...where I was lodgin' when they got me. 'Ere...this is the key to it. ...Take it. Always stay one step ahead, mate. See you in 'ell, I guess...Shamspeare.

Selden was a prisoner put on death row for being a serial robber and murderer.

Stealing a Treasure[]

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His former hideout

Selden used to live in a flat owned by John Garrideb. He had charges of eighteen counts of robbery and six suspected counts of murder, was sent to Manchester prison and put on death row. However, before Selden could actually be given his execution punishment, he fell mysteriously ill of a burning fever at the end of October. One single prisoner, William Shamspeare, looked after Selden until his death. As a result of this loyalty, Selden decided to give his treasure, thousand pounds worth of jewels, to Shamspeare, telling him he could find it in his old flat, and gave him the key with which to open the treasure. Selden passed away late that night before Shamspeare could call for a physician. The jailer heard Shamspeare very early the next morning and Selden's corpse was found.

William Shamspeare was released from Manchester prison soon after, but Selden's flat was already owned by Duncan Ross. So Shamspeare blew into the gas pipe on the flat just below, he was intending for Ross to just run away out of fear, but he was killed by asphyxiation instead. This led people to believe that Selden's spirit now haunts the flat and will kill its residents by strangling them. The newspaper headlines referred to it as "The Condemned Criminal's Curse". The investigation surrounding that incident and Garrideb's rejection of letting him move in caused Shamspeare to still be unable to search for the treasure.

The treasure he stole

Soseki Natsume took up the flat after the investigation, William Shamspeare then decided to do the same trick to him. But then he was poisoned by Duncan Ross's fiancée, Olive Green, and soon arrested for the accidental murder of Ross. Selden's thousand pound jeweled treasure located in the ceiling was later revealed to be the dog collar of Klint van Zieks's dog, Balmung, which was received from the Baskerville family upon van Zieks' marriage. Selden snuck into the van Zieks manor several years ago and stole it.



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  • Though a profile picture for Selden can be found in the game's files, it does not appear in the game itself, although a small picture of him can be seen on the Capital Offender Article.