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Looks like...I'm gonna snuff it... before they get to stretch me neck... Listen... I want you to 'ave me loot. Anyfin'... to stop the coppers gettin' their mitts on it... It's 'idden in the room...where I was lodgin' when they got me. 'Ere...this is the key to it. ...Take it. Always stay one step ahead, mate. See you in 'ell, I guess...Shamspeare.

Selden was a prisoner put on death row for being a serial robber and murderer.

Criminal activities[]

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His former hideout

Selden used to live in a flat owned by John Garrideb. He had charges of eighteen counts of robbery and six suspected counts of murder, with one of his stolen trinkets being a gemstone-studded collar belonging to Klint van Zieks's feral bloodhound Balmung. He was eventually caught and arrested, put on death row, and sent to Manchester's Strangeways Prison. However, before Selden could actually be given his execution punishment, he fell mysteriously ill of a burning fever at the end of October. One single prisoner, William Shamspeare, looked after Selden until his death. As a result of this loyalty, Selden decided to give up the collar to Shamspeare, telling him he could find it in his old flat, and gave him the key with which to open the treasure. Selden passed away late that night before Shamspeare could call for a physician, and Shamspeare shouted in anguish to alert the prison guards to Selden's death.


The treasure he stole from the van Zieks family

Shamspeare, dismayed to learn that the flat in question was already occupied, took the room one floor down and blew into the nearby gas pipe to force out anyone who lived there. However, despite his best efforts, Shamspeare was unable to retrieve the collar that Selden entrusted to him due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, and was eventually rearrested for the involuntary manslaughter of Duncan Ross and the attempted false eviction of Soseki Natsume. Eventually, the collar was retrieved by detective Herlock Sholmes and confiscated by fellow detective Tobias Gregson. The collar would later help uncover the truth of an incident that would occur eight months later.



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  • Though a profile picture for Selden can be found in the game's files, it does not appear in the game itself, although a small picture of him can be seen on the Capital Offender Article.