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Selena Sprocket
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Selena Sprocket was Sorin Sprocket's older sister, and the former heir to Sprocket Aviation. She was an engineer and businesswoman who passed away after a car accident in 2027.

Car accident and deathEdit

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Selena pleading with Nichody to save her brother.

On March 8, 2027, Selena was in a car accident caused by her brother, Sorin, injuring both of them severely. Her fiancé, Pierce Nichody, was the surgeon on duty during the accident. Despite her own injuries being far more severe, she pleaded for Nichody to save her brother. Nichody complied, but in doing so, he failed to prevent Selena from dying of her injuries. The car accident was later blamed on their servant, Dumas Gloomsbury, to protect the remaining heir to Sprocket Aviation.

Selena's death had severe repercussions on all involved. Sorin developed anterograde amnesia as a result of the accident and Selena's death, forcing him to relive the trauma of the incident every time he woke up. Nichody nursed a grudge against Sorin, as Nichody had lost the love of his life, and Sorin had inherited everything Selena was going to. Gloomsbury likewise held a grudge against Sorin, as he was forced to be a scapegoat for the accident.


Selena was held in wide regard within Sprocket Aviation. She was stated to be a brilliant businesswoman and inventor, and the perfect person to be the next president. She cared deeply for her younger brother, sacrificing her own life just so that Sorin could live.


  • "Haguruma" (歯車) means "gear," referencing to her brother's job as an engineer and her steampunk-esque aesthetic.
  • "Hikari" (光) shares the same meaning as her brother's name, meaning light.
  • Her English given name may come from the Greek word selas (σέλας), meaning light.
  • A sprocket is a type of gear, referencing her Japanese name. 
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