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And I, Vigilante number six, am no more than a hopeless slave to love. My humble name is Servius.

Servius is one of the guards who keep watch over Labyrinthia's Bell Tower who are known as the Vigilantes. He is completely enamoured with fellow Vigilante Foxy.

Life in Labyrinthia[]

At some point, the man who would be known as "Servius" signed a contract with Labrelum Inc. to participate in "Project Labyrinthia". As a participant of the project, he began living in the artificial town of Labyrinthia, where his memories were repressed and he was given the name "Servius" for his new life. Servius was assigned the role of one of Labyrinthia's vigilantes who guard the Bell Tower.

Servius, alongside his fellow vigilantes, was called as a witness in Espella Cantabella's witch trial when she was accused of murdering the Storyteller with a Granwyrm spell and being the Great Witch Bezella.


  • Japanese - Gebōku (ゲボーク):
    • "Gebōku", his Japanese name, comes from the word "geboku" (下僕), an archaic word meaning "manservant".
  • English/Spanish/Dutch - Servius:
    • "Servius" may be a play on the Latin word "servus", meaning "a slave" - a reference to his submissive adoration of Foxy.
  • French - Clotaire
  • German - Von Schlag:
    • "Von Schlag", his German name, literally means "of (as in belonging to) blow/hit".
  • Italian - Ser Vittore:
    • His Italian name is a play on "servitore", meaning "servant".

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