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The Shades
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Organization type Law enforcement
Headquarters Eldwitch Woods
Leader Darklaw
Status Disbanded

The Shades were a group of hooded figures that lived in the Eldwitch Woods under the command of the "Great Witch" Darklaw. By using robes that rendered them invisible to the inhabitants of Labyrinthia, they used various mechanical devices to create the illusion that magic was real in the town.

The Shade cycleEdit

Shades were previously normal inhabitants of Labyrinthia who had been "killed" by "magic" or executed for witchcraft by the Witches' Court by sealing them within a metal cage and dropping them into a pit of flames; however, this was an illusion, as the cage actually passed harmlessly through the flames to a secret tunnel below. Whatever the reason for their "death", the individual was then hypnotized into becoming a largely personality-less minion of the Great Witch and given the task of organizing the special effects and mechanisms that would that generate "magic". To facilitate their task, Shades were given silver bells to carry; Labyrinthia's water supply contained a toxin that would cause those who drank it to briefly fall unconscious if they heard the sound of struck silver. This effect was therefore taken advantage of by the Shades in order to prepare for a "spell" or move individuals around.

Layton and the ShadesEdit

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After Hershel Layton was "turned to gold" (actually replaced with a gold statue of himself) and Maya Fey was accidentally thrown into the fire pit while rescuing Espella Cantabella after the former confessed to being the Great Witch Bezella in order to save Jean Greyerl, the Shades attempted to induct both into their ranks. However, since neither were as brainwashed as most Labyrinthians, Layton was able to rescue a fleeing Fey, at which point Darklaw arrived and ordered the Shades that neither were to be inducted.

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