A special investigation team has existed for a number of years, but few know of it. [...] Their task is to find the "owner" of this card... A man called Shelly de Killer. And just as his name states, he is a "killer", an assassin. The best, at that.

Shelly de Killer is an assassin who was called to testify as a witness to the murder of Juan Corrida.

History of the "de Killers"

Shelly de Killer comes from a line of assassins that first became known in the early 20th century. He is the third heir to this line.

Involvement in Corrida's murder

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One day, Matt Engarde hired de Killer to kill Juan Corrida and retrieve Celeste Inpax's suicide note, which was hidden in a foreign bear toy. Engarde was accused of the murder; this was the first time this had actually happened to one of de Killer's clients. De Killer kidnapped Maya Fey to force Phoenix Wright to defend Engarde in court. During Wright's investigation, however, he found that Engarde had videotaped the murder of Juan for the purpose of control and blackmail. Wright informed de Killer of this in court, and a furious de Killer broke his contract with Engarde and swore bloody vengeance on him.


De Killer is precise, clever, and very professional. He strongly values the bond of trust that he has with his clients; he considers betrayal a horrible crime deserving death.

Whenever he commits a murder for a client, de Killer leaves a calling card with a seashell design on it at the crime scene. The card confirms that he had committed the murder, and it serves as insurance against any charges the client may face.


  • His name is a reference to his occupation and his calling card, a card with a picture of a conch shell. "John Doe" is a police term for an unidentified corpse.
  • "Koroshiya" literally means "assassin." "Sazaemon" comes from the word "sazae", which means "a seashell", a reference to his calling card.
  • The French pseudonym comes from "Allons au bistro", which means "Let's go to the pub". A brinick is a type of shell.

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