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Shi-Long Lang
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Shi-Long Lang
Lang Zi says: "A cub who disrespects others soon feels the disciplinary bite of an elder."

Shi-Long Lang is an elite investigator who has the highest successful arrest rate out of all Interpol agents. He was known for mass investigation tactics using a large team of 100 subordinates. However, he was relieved of his authority over his officers following his controversial handling of the arrest of a mole within his ranks.

Fall of the House of Lang[]

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Teikun n lang

Di-Jun Wang and Dai-Long Lang.

Shi-Long Lang comes from an ancient and once revered family in Zheng Fa, descended directly from Lang Zi, whose philosophies helped to shape the country into what it is today. For a long time, the House of Lang held great power and influence over Zheng Fa's law enforcement; Lang family members were commonly seen in top positions in law enforcement institutions, and the family even operated a training school for police officers. The family had particularly strong ties with President Di-Jun Wang of Zheng Fa, who employed Dai-Long Lang, Shi-Long's father, as his head bodyguard, and even entrusted his will in the family's care.

The esteem that the Lang clan enjoyed came crashing down after the events that were later referred to as the "SS-5 Incident", in which Wang was kidnapped and held for ransom, despite Dai-Long personally heading the president's security. Although the president was seemingly returned unharmed, from that day forth it seemed like he was an entirely different person, and he cut all ties with the Lang family, using private bodyguards instead. Dai-Long was demoted, but in an attempt to make amends, he took it upon himself to continue investigating the case. Although a suspect was apprehended, namely Patricia Roland, the owner of the orphanage from which the president had been kidnapped, she was acquitted due to the corrupt Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste, who tampered with the evidence. Dai-Long resigned and the Lang family name was tarnished and lost its once high standing. Due to these events, Shi-Long Lang held a personal grudge against prosecutors, seeing them all as being just as corrupt as the prosecutor who had destroyed his family's reputation.

The wolf rises[]


Lang and Edgeworth first meet.

Shi-Long Lang rose up from the ashes of his household's misfortune to become a police officer intent on restoring his family's ruined reputation, and took it upon himself to study the law enforcement of other countries in order to gain a deeper understanding of his job. At the age of 20, he met Tyrell Badd in the Los Angeles District Court, assisting him in the search for the so-called "Yatagarasu's Key", which had gone missing from prosecutor Byrne Faraday's evidence bag. He also met Miles Edgeworth and Franziska von Karma for the first time, and he was quick to give them his less-than-glowing opinion on their profession.

Over the seven years that followed, Lang quickly rose up in the ranks of Interpol and became one of their top investigators. He gained command of a team of 101 officers, including Agent Shih-na, who became Lang's secretary. Meanwhile, a smuggling ring began to mass-produce fake currency in Zheng Fa, throwing the country into economic chaos. Lang vowed to take down the ring and restore his family name. Fellow agent Akbey Hicks and prosecutor Franziska von Karma joined the hunt for the ring's leader, and found a few leads, including the Amano Group's connections to the smuggling ring.

The hunt begins[]

When Lance Amano was kidnapped, Lang saw his chance to get to his father Ernest, the CEO of the Amano Group. He quickly enlisted the Los Angeles police department's assistance in conducting a mass search at Gatewater Land for the boy. Lang crossed paths with Miles Edgeworth again in the Wild, Wild West area of the park. Edgeworth had been briefly kidnapped himself, but Lang left him to find his own way out, and then had him confined to the area so that Edgeworth wouldn't tamper with Lang's investigation.

Lang Argument

Lang puts forward his argument.

Edgeworth conducted his own investigation nonetheless and discovered the body of Oliver Deacon. Lang received word of this and quickly checked the weapons of the entire search party. Mike Meekins, who had gone undercover as a Blue Badger entertainer, had lost his gun, and so Lang accused him of the murder. Edgeworth engaged Lang in an argument, accusing him of being a tyrant with his hasty arrests. Edgeworth managed to convince Lang that the crime scene was somewhere else entirely.


Looking on as Little Thief is put to work.

Lang encountered Edgeworth again at the next suspected scene of the crime, the stadium, in which a shooting had been witnessed. They argued about the positions of the victim and the killer on the stage of the stadium, as well as muddy tire tracks that were nearby. Edgeworth determined from witness testimony that the killer had to have been one of the kidnappers. He also argued that, since the Blue Badgermobile's tires weren't covered in mud, said tracks had to have been caused by a different vehicle. It was then that Lance Amano suddenly appeared, apparently having escaped the kidnappers. Meekins's gun was found soon afterward, clearing him of suspicion.

Shortly after that, a Badger uniform was spotted at the Gatewater Land main gate. Inside the uniform was a pendant bearing the name of Lance's girlfriend Lauren Paups. Paups admitted to the murder, but Edgeworth soon realized that Paups was the victim's daughter. Lang was still not convinced of Paups's innocence, so Edgeworth determined that there were three kidnappers, including Paups and Deacon, and the third kidnapper was the real killer: Lance Amano himself. The entire "kidnapping" had been staged.


Robbed of an arrest.

The real crime scene had been the haunted house, but Ernest had bought the house and refused to give them access. Luckily, the investigation was able to continue with a simulation of the building through a device called Little Thief. Lang assisted in improving the accuracy of the simulation until Lance's guilt could be proven. Lang arrested Lance for the murder and Ernest for obstruction of justice, and he snidely thanked Edgeworth for making all this possible, as he was convinced from the very start, that Miles was the mole the smuggling ring had placed within the prosecutor's office, due to Edgeworth's past connection with Ernest Amano and the numerous rumors surrounding his former mentor Manfred von Karma, regarding forged evidence.

However, he was interrupted when prosecutor Jacques Portsman came in to take over Ernest's case. Portsman was later revealed to be the agent of the ring, planning to get Ernest off the hook, but that night he was arrested for murder.

Catching the ringleader[]

Main article: Turnabout Ablaze

Shortly thereafter, word came out that the Great Thief Yatagarasu was planning to infiltrate the former Cohdopian Embassy building in order to steal its "dirtiest secret". The building was at this point shared between the embassies of Allebahst and Babahl, and the two countries were to hold a goodwill event the following day that involved the Steel Samurai and the Jammin' Ninja, two television action heroes. Interpol was called upon to bolster security in the wake of the Yatagarasu's threat. Lang split his investigation team between the two embassies, with Shih-na heading the Babahlese side and himself leading the Allebahstian side, though Allebahst's tight security caused problems as they only gave access to about half of Lang's officers. This also attracted the attention of Tyrell Badd, who joined Lang's security operation.

During the event, Ambassador Quercus Alba was to give a speech in the rose garden, with Lang and Badd as part of the security detail. However, the Yatagarasu's shadow suddenly appeared, throwing the audience into an uproar. The shadow quickly disappeared as abruptly as it had appeared. Soon after that, Lang found the corpse of Ka-Shi Nou in Alba's office; Nou had been bludgeoned with a blunt object. The Samurai Sword prop was found near the body, which pointed to the Steel Samurai's actor, Larry Butz, as the killer. Lang's team quickly investigated the entirety of the Allebahstian Embassy. Later, he heard from Shih-na that the Babahlese ambassador's secretary, Manny Coachen, had been killed in Babahl as well, and Miles Edgeworth had appeared to clear one of the suspects, Kay Faraday, of the murder.

As Lang was dismissing his investigators, he ran into Edgeworth again. He told Edgeworth that his own men were having trouble gaining access to Allebahst, so Edgeworth had no chance to enter himself. However, Babahlese ambassador Colias Palaeno appeared and asked Alba to let Edgeworth into Allebahst. Both Alba and Lang caved to his request, but the latter refused Faraday access because she was still under suspicion.

Badd met up with the group in Alba's office, so when Lang realized that Edgeworth knew Butz, he couldn't stop him from conducting his investigation, as Badd was fully willing to cooperate with Edgeworth. The prosecutor pointed out to Lang that the Samurai Sword was too hollow to have been used as a real weapon, and that Lang's men hadn't been able to investigate the Primidux Statue in the office. Although Alba refused permission to look at the statue, Lang combed it over anyway. It was soon discovered that the statue was the real murder weapon and that it had been smuggled from the Babahlese side of the embassy. Lang met Edgeworth again in the rose garden, where the prosecutor had figured out the true source of the Yatagarasu's shadow; two statues had been arranged to form the shadow, which meant that it had merely been a diversion.

Lang Intervenes

Lang apprehends his subordinate.

Later, Edgeworth pointed to Shih-na as a suspect. Since Lang was not familiar with the details of the investigations that Edgeworth had conducted in Babahl, he had no choice but to have Shih-na talk directly to Edgeworth. Lang tried to keep his faith in his loyal subordinate, but Shih-na became increasingly suspicious, and it seemed as if Edgeworth knew her from some past occurrence. Eventually, Edgeworth needed to search Shih-na's belongings, which Lang allowed in order to see whether he could really trust her.

Having failed the test, Shih-na revealed herself as one of the smuggling ring's spies. She then suddenly held Kay Faraday at gunpoint, causing a stand-off between her and Badd, who aimed his gun at her. The stand-off ended as Badd shot at Shih-na, but Lang stood in the way and apprehended her himself by putting her in a hold, getting shot in the leg in the process. Insisting that she was still his responsibility, Lang took her into custody himself.

Lang returned minutes later to find that Quercus Alba was trying to terminate the investigation. Lang realized who his true target was, and he forced the investigation forward by accusing Franziska von Karma of the murder. This sent the group to Alba's office again, where Lang even argued with Edgeworth to give him ideas, and eventually Edgeworth figured out what Alba had done with Nou, Coachen, and the Primidux Statue. However, Alba refused to give up, and he told them that as an ambassador he had the right to be tried in his own country, but not to be prosecuted by Miles Edgeworth for either murder.

Dynamic Entry

A dramatic entry.

Lang quietly left and contacted Allebahst's imperial household, informing them of the accusations against Alba, and thus his ambassadorship was revoked. He returned to find Edgeworth, Faraday, and Palaeno trying to stop Alba from escaping. Upon learning that his diplomatic immunity had been revoked, Alba was forced to continue with Edgeworth's interrogation of him. Lang listened as Edgeworth revealed how Alba had killed Coachen and transported his body to Allebahst and then Babahl, and he provided some constructive criticisms of Edgeworth's case to help it along. Eventually, the location of the murder was identified as the dressing room of the Theatrum Neutralis, which was considered American soil. While Lang's officers found no evidence of murder in the room, a single drop of blood was found on a box of "Samurai Dogs" that had been taken from the room, proving that Alba was the killer once and for all.

Quercus Alba stood trial in the Los Angeles District Court on March 17, 2019, with Lang not being not one to miss the opportunity to see the man who had caused his country so much grief face justice. He put his grudge against prosecutors aside to thank Edgeworth for his role in making the arrest possible. Nonetheless, he insisted that he still disliked prosecutors, and that he would continue to do things his own way.

Defanged, but determined[]

Prison visit[]


Lang meets Edgeworth once again.

Lang's actions regarding Shih-na, while leading to her arrest alive, were seen as aiding and abetting a criminal, and his squad of investigators was disbanded. Lang decided to turn his attention to his father's last case, and headed to the prison where he knew Roland now worked as warden, wishing to at least take a look at his "prey". There, he saw Edgeworth and Faraday investigating the murder of Horace Knightley, and briefly spoke with them before heading off to continue his solo investigation. Roland was later arrested for the murder. Unbeknownst to Lang, some of his former subordinates kept an eye on him, as they wished to help him solve the SS-5 Incident.

Solving the SS-5 Incident[]

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Shi-Long Lang
I've lost all my men, and you've lost your title. And yet, we still continue to investigate... Let's begin this battle of logic between two kindred spirits!
Cut lang sand

At the scene of "Di-Jun Wang's" murder.

Over a week later, Lang was at the Grand Tower when he heard a scream from the nearby Global Studios filming set. He hurried there to witness the horrifying sight of President Di-Jun Wang's dead body, with Edgeworth and Faraday arriving shortly afterwards. Lang hastily accused Penny Nichols, the one who had discovered the body, of the crime. Edgeworth managed to soon calm him down however, and so Lang left to contact the police department. The police allowed him to join the investigation and share information, leading to the conclusion that Verity Gavèlle was the killer, based on the fact that a security camera had caught her and the president taking the elevator to the top of the Grand Tower, but only she had been seen heading back down. Lang also learned that Edgeworth had relinquished his prosecutor's badge.

Lang returned to the crime scene with the president's bodyguards, and announced the police's findings. Edgeworth asked to participate in the investigation, saying that, like Lang, his desire to investigate was for personal reasons, rather than any title or prestige that he did or did not possess. Lang agreed to argue with Edgeworth, which exposed problems with the theory that Gavèlle had pushed the president to his death. Edgeworth suggested that the president had used a secret route through the 51st floor of the tower, which had been used as a storeroom for evidence in a black market auction. This greatly offended Lang, who remembered the president as a great man and a courageous leader. Regardless, the photojournalist Lotta Hart, who had been hiding in the storeroom for one of her "scoops", stated that she had not seen the president passing through the room.

Lang sought out John Marsh, a lead actor for the movie that was being shot where the president had been found, as Nichols had seen him practicing on the grounds the previous night. However, it turned out that Marsh had been kidnapped so that former Chief Prosecutor Blaise Debeste could coerce Gavèlle into acquitting Roland during her trial, but he was rescued thanks to the efforts of Edgeworth and his friends. Lang entered the courtroom to see both Roland and Debeste finally being brought to justice, with Roland's guilty verdict all but assured. Nonetheless, he brought both Marsh and Gavèlle back to the filming lot to question them, and indeed it seemed that both of them were trying to hide something. Edgeworth managed to get Marsh to admit that he had accidentally caused a Moozilla head prop to fall, and then had discovered the body. It was also discovered that Debeste had come to the filming lot to dig something up from 12 years prior.

Three of Lang's former subordinates took this opportunity to reveal themselves and ask their former boss to reopen the SS-5 investigation. Due to the results of Roland's trial, Debeste's authority over the SS-5 Incident files was revoked, allowing Faraday to recreate the crime scene using Little Thief. The simulation reminded Lang that his father had kept a picture that one of the children at the orphanage had drawn for him, depicting the president at the orphanage. Lang had the child's belongings and drawing, as well as the president's will, sent to him. These items revealed two shocking truths that Dai-Long had discovered but hidden away for the greater good of Zheng Fa. The first was that the president had been assassinated, not kidnapped, and had been replaced by a body double, who had governed Zheng Fa until his own murder. Moreover, the real president had secretly sired a son, namely John Marsh himself, and in his will the president had written his intention of revealing the existence of his secret son, regardless of the consequences.

Lang went on to assist Edgeworth in confronting Simon Keyes, the body double's killer. It was soon revealed that not only had Keyes been the child 12 years prior who had drawn the picture of Wang at the orphanage, but that he had masterminded the fates of Horace Knightley, Patricia Roland, and Blaise Debeste. Lang found the balloon that Keyes had used to fly to the top of the tower, kill the body double, and take the body to a warehouse freezer to throw off the time of death. Keyes was eventually completely cornered, but then the notorious assassin Shelly de Killer appeared, intent upon killing Keyes for betraying him; Keyes had hired de Killer to assassinate President Wang, but had withheld the fact that he knew that he was only an imposter, which the assassin took as a betrayal of the assassin-client relationship. However, de Killer was foiled in his attempt by the sudden appearance of Sirhan Dogen, another assassin who sought to protect Keyes. De Killer then escaped, with Lang in close pursuit. However, the assassin evaded Lang, who decided that he would focus on carrying on his father's legacy.


Lang mugshot

Lang's mugshot.

Lang is overwhelmingly charismatic and shares a strong bond of mutual loyalty and respect with all of his subordinates, seeming to know each of them on a somewhat personal level. He even went as far as giving one of his officers a birthday present for one of said officer's relatives. He is generally very loud, aggressive, and determined to do things his own way. He has even defied other authority figures on occasion in his dedication to chasing down his target. He sees his subordinates as his own responsibility, as shown by his willingness to take a bullet in the leg in order to apprehend Shih-na alive himself, rather than let Badd shoot her. On the other hand, he is very respectful to those who have earned his trust.

Lang's determination is complemented by his high pain threshold. As mentioned above, he was shot in the leg trying to apprehend Shih-na alive, but he returned shortly after taking Shih-na into custody, and continued on as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. Later, he caught Franziska von Karma's whip with his bare hand, although he did get whipped a short time later.

Lang has a vindictive hatred of prosecutors because of the actions of Blaise Debeste, which ultimately ruined his family. He devoutly follows the teachings of Lang Zi, whose philosophies call for a "shoot first, ask questions later" style of detaining suspects. Lang arrests anyone he can, and then lets the courts sort out whether his detainees were guilty of their crimes. His justification for this is that no one is truly innocent, so even innocent suspects may be getting due punishment for an unrelated mishap. Some have called these tactics tyrannical.

While Lang's academic intelligence is little match for that of a veteran prosecutor like Edgeworth, he knows how to do his job effectively. He thinks quickly and then acts swiftly (and sometimes quietly) to get his way as soon as possible. These street smarts combined with his aggressive tactics make Lang a formidable, fearsome foe for the criminal networks of Zheng Fa. Lang's officers have an unceasing dedication to their jobs to match Lang's own, and with their sheer numbers, they can thoroughly comb over large areas such as theme parks with frightening speed.

Lang frequently recalls metaphors and other quotes from Lang Zi, which grow increasingly vague as time progresses. He also dons a pair of X-shaped sunglasses, which he occasionally wears upon entering a crime scene or area, then dramatically removes. True to his last name, Lang has wolf-like mannerisms; he bares his teeth when upset, and he refers to his subordinates as his "pack". His hairstyle is also somewhat suggestive of a wolf's ears. Lang even howls occasionally when cornered in a bad situation or made an absolute fool in public.

Not so fast![]


Lang has a unique speech bubble, "Not so fast!", with the original phrase in the Japanese version being "Amai na!" (アマイな!), which translates as "Naive!" It is used similarly to the way "Objection!" is used by other characters, as it would be grossly out of character for Lang to say, "Objection!" due to his deep hatred of prosecutors and the court system.

Important characters having unique interjections would later become a recurring trait in the Ace Attorney series, with the next one being "Overruled!" for Verity Gavèlle in the sequel.


  • Japanese - Shiryū Rō (狼士龍):
    • "Shiryuu" is composed of the characters "士" meaning "warrior" and "龍" meaning "dragon", with the latter being referenced in Lang's character design via the dragon on his jacket and resembling Phoenix Wright's Japanese given name of "Ryuuichi" (龍一).
    • "Rou" (狼) means "wolf".
  • English - Shi-Long Lang
    • His English name is the Mandarin Chinese reading of the kanji that make up his Japanese name, though the character "狼" is not actually a valid surname in much of the Chinese-speaking world.
      • In this regard, the correct way to romanize the name would be "Láng Shì-Lóng" (Lah-ng Shih-loh-ng).



  • In Tatsuro Iwamoto's early days at Capcom, he drew a character with two eyepatches, and wanted to use him for Daryan Crescend, but Shu Takumi rejected the design. The eyepatches were later implemented onto Shi-Long Lang's design, though here they were X-shaped sunglasses instead of eyepatches.
  • "Ane-san" (アネさん), the name Shi-Long Lang calls Franziska von Karma in the Japanese version of Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth, is, in a literal sense, similar to "onē-san", which can refer to an older sister or an older close female relation more generally. However, "anesan" is actually typically used by Yakuza henchmen to refer to their boss's wife or mistress.
  • His subordinates call him "Shifu" (師父 Shīfu), which is the Chinese word for "master" or "teacher" in a father-figure-based context via the second kanji in the term meaning "father/dad". In modern times, it can refer to a skilled, qualified worker distinct from an apprentice, or in colloquial speech, otherwise be used as a respectful term for any stranger, particularly older men.
    • Lang Zi is likely a reference to Confucius (孔子 Kǒngzǐ, lit. Master Kǒng), a Chinese philosopher active from 551-479 B.C and the founder of Confucianist thought. Thus, Lang Zi's name would be 狼子 Lángzǐ, or in this context Master Wolf.
    • The use of wolves could reference the Chéngyǔ 狼子野心 Lángzǐ yěxīn; a wolf cub with a savage heart, being full of wild (or even evil) ambitions.