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"Shichishito". The treasured Kurain Village heirloom whose name means "7 Branched Sword". It is said that this sacred sword represents life itself. Though the branches may appear to be infinite, the choices limitless... our destinies, the sword comes to but one end. One merciless point. And when the silver cord, the fragile thread that binds us to this world, is severed... ...the illusion is revealed and the implacability of fate is finally laid bare...

The Shichishito (lit. "seven-branched sword") is a seven-branched, emerald sword that is part of a statue of Ami Fey from Kurain Village. It is said to represent life itself; while the sword seems to branch out into many possibilities, it is destined to end at the same single tip. It was a piece of evidence in two of Phoenix Wright's cases, namely the murder of Kane Bullard at KB Security and the murder of Misty Fey at Hazakura Temple.

Lordly Tailor incident[]

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The statue was one of the Fey clan heirlooms displayed at a Lordly Tailor exhibition and stored in the building's basement. The Shichishito received significant damage during the night of Kane Bullard's murder. When the Sacred Urn of Kurain was stolen, Luke Atmey, who had been guarding the urn in the basement, claimed to have been hit on the head by a replica of the sword. However, it was proven in court that this was false. Adrian Andrews later fixed the sword.

Misty Fey's murder[]

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With sword in hand, the statue was returned to Hazakura Temple, its original home, where it was involved in another incident less than six months after the Lordly Tailor case. After Misty Fey was fatally stabbed in the back at the garden near the Inner Temple, Iris moved her body to the temple courtyard, leaving snowmobile tracks behind. Once in the courtyard, Iris stabbed the body in the back with the Shichishito to make it look as if it was the murder weapon. Then, she placed the handle in the statue's hands making it look like Ami Fey ominously stabbing Misty. However, Sister Bikini witnessed Iris during the act, leading to her being put on trial for the murder. Miles Edgeworth took on her case as a temporary stand-in for Wright, who was hospitalized shortly after the incident. During the deliberations, Edgeworth successfully argued that, due the impossibility of it being pulled out and the wound with the amount of blood, the Shichishito was not the real murder weapon, and that the murder had occurred near the Inner Temple, as evidenced by the snowmobile tracks left by Iris.


This weapon's appearance is modeled after the real-life Seven-Branched Sword, one of Japan's National Treasures.