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Shipshape Aquarium
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Organization info
Organization type Public aquarium
Leader Jack Shipley ( - July 20, 2027)
Organizational structure Current staff:

Former staff:

Aquarium animals:

Affiliated groups Supermarine Aquarium
Notable dates July 20, 2026: Azura Summers dies during a show performance
July 20-22, 2027: Jack Shipley killed in an accident; Orla Shipley and Sasha Buckler both initially accused of killing him, but acquitted by Phoenix Wright
Status Active
Area info
Owned by Jack Shipley ( - July 2027)
Relevant cases Turnabout Reclaimed
Location info
Linked locations Wright Anything Agency

Shipshape Aquarium is a pirate-themed aquarium in the Los Angeles area. It houses the popular "Cap'n Orla Swashbuckler Spectacular" show, where "Cap'n Orla" (the orca Orla Shipley) and her friend (the orca trainer Sasha Buckler) battle against the villainous "Dead Captain Nostache" (aquarium owner Jack Shipley).

After Jack Shipley was found dead, Orla was accused of killing him. Phoenix Wright, who had only recently been reinstated as a defense attorney, took on her case at the request of Buckler.

Azura Summers tragedy

The Shipshape Aquarium has a show called the "Swashbuckler Spectacular Show". It was originally a pretty dark show about how pirates pillage and plunder. The captain was aquarium owner Jack Shipley.

One day, two female orcas were beached on the show. Shipley found them and had Herman Crab nurse them back to health. They released them but the orcas had grown so attached to them they decided to keep them in the aquarium. The older one was called Ora Shipley and the younger was called Orla Shipley. Ora grown quite attached to the newly joined Azura Summers, who secretly had a heart condition.

Eventually they decided to put Ora in the show. But, during a performance, Summers suffered a heart attack. Ora tried to saved by using a carrying technique where only her clothes were ripped but she was already dead by the time she reached the shore. To make matters worse, this was in front of a large audience and it looked like the orca mauled her trainer in the middle of the show.

The Center for Dangerous Animal Control demanded that Ora should be put down. Jack and Crab said they did, but they actually sent Ora to the Supermarine Aquarium. Ora's sister, Orla was then put in the show, only a handful of employees at the aquarium knew about Ora's existence. Nonfiction writer, Norma DePlume wrote a book about Azura Summers death called "The Killer Killer Whale".

Another tragedy at the aquarium

Main article: Turnabout Reclaimed

A year later, the Swashbuckler Spectacular Show was changed to be lighter good vs evil show. Sasha Buckler, Summers' apprentice, was the main hero with Orla and Shipley played the villain, Redbeard. One day, Marlon Rimes, Summer's boyfriend, decided to kill Orla for killing Summers. He drained the stage show, but Shipley caught him and rushed to refill it. But suddenly, he slipped and Rimes caught him. Shipley didn't want Rimes to fall in, he tried tell him that it wasn't anyone's fault but Rimes lost his grip and Jack Shipley fell to his death.


  • The aquarium's's English name comes from the word "shipshape", meaning "organized, serviceable, trained and ready for action", as well as fitting its marine theme. It could also refer to the fact that the aquarium is quite literally a "ship shape".

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