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Shoe is Matt Engarde's pet tabby cat. Shoe seems to be one of the few living beings Engarde actually cares about, since he asked Phoenix Wright to visit his home to feed the cat while his owner was being held by police for the murder of Juan Corrida.

A criminal's cat[]

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During a conversation with Shelly de Killer via a transceiver, Shoe meowed just as the assassin "hung-up". This allowed Wright to figure out that de Killer was holding Maya Fey in Engarde's Mansion, and attempt a rescue effort. Unfortunately, de Killer had already moved on by the time they arrived.


  • The cat's Japanese, English, and German names ("Shū", "Shoe", and "Shoe", respectively) come from the given name of Shu Takumi; original creator of the Ace Attorney series.
  • His French name, "Pantoufle", comes from the French word for a slipper. This appears to be a reasonably direct translation of the English name without the added reference to Takumi. The same naming method was also used for the Spanish and Italian localizations ("zapato" means "shoe", while "scarpetta" is an Italian word for either a child's shoe or an elegant ladies' shoe).
  • The cat's Chinese name 小咻 (Xiǎoxiū) is based on the Japanese name "Shū". The character "咻" sounds like "Shu" and is also a character used as the onomatopoeia of shooting sound.

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