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Clothing Box
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Phoenix Wright
(So this is...the Side Room. Looks like it's more of a break room.)

The Side Room is part of the Fey Manor in Kurain Village. It is often used for guests visiting the village. Notable features include a sliding door leading out into the Winding Way, bedding spread on the floor to accommodate guests, a decorative wooden bear sculpture and a small alcove decorated with flowers and a hanging scroll.

Recent events[]

Main article: Reunion, and Turnabout

When Phoenix Wright was investigating the murder of Turner Grey, he discovered that the wooden bear sculpture was just a souvenir, as it has "Kurain Village - The Heart of Channeling" printed on it. Ini Miney, who was staying in the room at the time, later revealed that she had bought the souvenir because it was cute and apparently the village "is really famous for, like, channeling and bears".

The day after the murder, Phoenix Wright discovered a large box in the middle of the room. The box in question appeared to be one for storing clothes, but Wright felt that it seemed too big for just that purpose. When examined, it was mostly empty apart from a few folded pieces of channeling costumes at the bottom. He later found that "Ini Miney" had hid in this box for transportation to the Channeling Chamber in order to carry out her plan to murder Turner Grey. The box had also been used to keep Maya Fey in while the murder took place. Wright worked this out via a combination of a bullet hole in the box and that the same box was used by a guilt-ridden Lotta Hart to hide from Wright. Hart had taken Pearl Fey's ball out of the box (where it was normally stored) in order to hide, and so it lay in the middle of the room for Wright to find.