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Solitary Confinement Cell 13 is a prison cell for solitary confinement located in Central Prison, which is near the Los Angeles area. Morgan Fey and Kristoph Gavin have been held in this cell. It is one of several locations that were accessible to the jury in the MASON System.

Morgan Fey's incarcerationEdit

Main article: Reunion, and Turnabout

In 2017, Morgan Fey framed Maya Fey for the murder of Turner Grey in Kurain Village to eliminate the main bloodline, allowing her daughter Pearl Fey to become the Master of the Kurain Channeling Technique. However, through defense attorney Phoenix Wright's implication of someone else as the killer, Morgan's role as an accomplice was exposed, and she was incarcerated and held in Solitary Confinement Cell 13 for her crime. In 2018, Morgan Fey was moved to the detention center and met Dahlia Hawthorne there.

Kristoph Gavin's incarceration Edit

Main article: Turnabout Succession

Kristoph Gavin was convicted for the murder of Shadi Smith and held in Solitary Cell 13. When Phoenix Wright visited the cell while investigating the murder of Drew Misham, he found that Gavin had managed to call some favors and get some books, nail polish and furniture into the cell.

When Wright asked why Gavin had killed Zak Gramarye, he changed the subject, and Wright saw five black Psyche-Locks surround Gavin; these were impossible to break. Wright later returned to the cell and attempted to steal a letter that Misham had sent to Gavin, which contained the poisoned stamp that had killed Misham, but Gavin stopped him (though Wright was still able to record the events for the MASON System).

When Gavin was called to a courtroom as a special witness in the case of Misham's death, he still refused to admit that he even knew Shadi Smith's real identity.

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