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Solomon "Sol" Starbuck is an astronaut and the defendant of the murder of Clay Terran, another astronaut. His hair also resembles a rocket.


Solomon Starbuck's mugshot.

  • "Hoshinari" comes from the phrase "Hoshi ni naru" (星になる), which means "to become a star", and "Taiyou" is the Japanese word for "sun".
  • Alternatively, his full Japanese name can be derived from the phrase "Hoshinaritai yo-" (星になりたいよー), which means "I want to become a star".
  • His English surname, Starbuck, means "astronaut," a reference to his profession.
  • Solomon comes from the Bible's King Solomon, whose wisdom extended to that of astrology. Also may come from Sol (which is his nickname) which means Sun.


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