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This article is about the Song of Ceremony in the in-game context. For the track from the Gyakuten Saiban 6 Original Soundtrack, see Dance of Devotion.

Rayfa Padma Khura'in
O Holy Mother! We hold this Divination Séance in your name! Let the eyes of everyone here be clear, and our ears be unstopped! O Dance of Devotion! Guide the victim's soul to me! So that we may receive their final memories in the Pool of Souls!
Various; speech given before a Divination Séance is performed

The "Song of Ceremony" is a piece of music played during the Dance of Devotion ritual required for the Divination Séance in Khura'in, although only the first verse is used in such instances. Although sung in Japanese, an English translation was provided for Phoenix Wright during his trip to Khura'in, where it was used as evidence in the trial of Ahlbi Ur'gaid for the murder of Paht Rohl.

While not initially obvious, each verse of the song actually reveals hints to uncovering the secret behind the Founder's Orb; the first verse explains how to open the treasure box containing the Orb, while the second hints that fire is required in order to uncloud the Orb to reveal the Holy Mother statuette hidden within.


Japanese lyrics Hepburn romanization English translation

怒れる龍虎 争えど
始祖の加護にて 守られん
蝶がミタマを 抱くとき
宝玉の恩寵 賜らん

身焦がすほどの 祈りにて
始祖の御身は 現れん

Ikareru ryūko arasoedo
Shiso no kago nite mamoraren
Chō ga mitama o idaku toki
Hōgyoku no onchō tamawaran

Mi kogasu hodo no inori nite
Shiso no onmi wa arawaren
Kono yo ni mitama maiorite
Ōinaru chikara o sazukaran

When dragon and tiger battle
The founder offers divine protection
When the butterfly embraces the mitamah
The favor of the orb is bestowed

Offer thy prayers as fervent as fire
Only then shall the Holy Mother return
Descending upon us in all her glory
The founder bestows the greatest power known


  • The song's name in the Japanese version is "Gishiki no Uta" (儀式の歌), which literally means "Ritual Song".



Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney 6 - Dance of Devotion

Rayfa Padma Khura'in performing the Dance of Devotion to the Song of Ceremony.