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Raito Haguruma
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Raito Haguruma was a witness in one of Phoenix Wright's cases.

Car Accident

He and his sister, Hikari Haguruma were in a car accident caused by him, but the brunt of the blame was placed on their servant, Seiji Yonekura. They were both injured severely, and Hikari asked Kazuharu Juumonji to save Raito's life, even if it was at the cost of hers. Raito survived, but not without problems. Afterwards, he was diagnosed with anterograde amnesia, and was not able to create new memories. To counter this, he carried around a notebook with him everywhere he went, writing notes to remember.


  • Haguruma (歯車) means "gear," referencing his job as a mechanic and his steampunk-esque aesthetic.
  • Raito is a loanword derived from the words light and right, the latter of which reference the Wright brothers. Raito is also the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "light", referencing his sister's name, Hikari, which is derived from the Japanese word for light, hikari.
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