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Sorin Sprocket
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Sorin Sprocket
......Ellen. [...] ...Come home soon. ......I'm...lost without you.

Sorin Sprocket is the current heir to Sprocket Aviation and an engineer. He was a witness in one of Phoenix Wright's cases.

Car accident

A year prior, Sorin was involved in a car accident where he was the driver, badly injuring himself and his sister, Selena Sprocket. Another passenger, a servant named Dumas Gloomsbury, survived the incident with minor injuries. Both siblings were taken to the family's private hospital, where surgeon Pierce Nichody was to operate on them. However, Selena asked Nichody to save Sorin's life, despite her injuries being more severe. Nichody complied, but Selena unfortunately passed away as a result of her injuries.

Sorin survived, but developed anterograde amnesia from the trauma of the accident and his sister's death, and was not able to create new memories after the day of the accident; these would be lost from the moment he woke up the following day. As a result, Sorin began writing meticulous details of his life in his notebook, which had been previously used for writing ideas for invention. He began to develop an obsession with time travel and began research into the subject; in a sense, he considered himself a time traveler as his amnesia forced him to relive the horrific memories of the accident each day.

Unbeknownst to him, both Gloomsbury and Nichody nursed a grudge towards him. Gloomsbury had been made a scapegoat for the accident, in order to protect Sorin as the new heir to the Sprocket family business. Nichody, on the other hand, was also Selena's fiance, and hated Sorin for inheriting everything that Selena was originally privy to; to get closer to Sorin and exact revenge, Nichody became Sorin's butler under the pretext of helping him manage the family business.

Wedding and murder

Main article: Turnabout Time Traveler

Moving along the outside of the airship to save Wyatt from Gloomsbury.

Sorin was eventually due to marry Ellen Wyatt, one of the Sprocket family's maids, with whom he shared a mutual love. Nichody and Gloomsbury decided to take revenge by having Wyatt murdered on the day of their wedding.

After the wedding reception on the airship, the Flying Chapel, Gloomsbury attacked Sorin with a broken candelabra and stabbed him in the abdomen. Gloomsbury then dragged Wyatt onto the open-air vista deck, intending to push her off to her death. However, Sorin bravely left the hall through the emergency exit and scaled the airship's exterior to come to Wyatt's rescue, hitting Gloomsbury on the head with the Time Keeper, a memento he'd made for the wedding. Gloomsbury fell unconscious, leading Sorin to believe he had killed the man, and wrote as such in his diary. Nichody arrived on the scene, who Sorin told to protect Wyatt, not wanting her to be implicated in the incident. Nichody advised Sorin to host the wedding reception again, which would give them time to hide Gloomsbury's body. Gloomsbury ended up stuffed inside a spare Pegabull lantern which was wheeled back to the hall for the second reception.

Unexpectedly, Gloomsbury regained consciousness and attempted to leave, but Nichody spotted him and used the Time Keeper to deliver a fatal blow to the man. Nichody then doctored the scene to be discovered by Wyatt, thus implicating her for the murder.

Sorin was eventually called in as a witness for Wyatt's trial, but owing to Wright and Maya Fey accidentally smudging his discarded diary, he had lost all memory pertaining to the day of the murder, and initially believed Wyatt to be responsible based on what the police had told him. Wright proved Sorin's memory disorder, his presence on the vista deck and the existence of the message indicating his hand in "murdering" Gloomsbury. Sorin was left distraught at his loss of memory and the possibility he had committed murder, but Wright went on to prove Nichody's machinations and guilt, absolving Sorin and Wyatt of the murder. Sorin renewed his vows with Wyatt in court, admitting that his memory problems and disapproval from the family over their marriage would make their life together difficult, but Wyatt accepted his love nonetheless.

Some time after the case, Sorin and Wyatt held a third wedding reception, in which they invited Wright and the rest of his friends.



Sorin is rather reserved and cold to people he doesn't know. He is often lost in his thoughts, and really only converses to people who bring up topics that pique his interests, such as time travel. Beneath the cold face, he truly loves Wyatt with all his heart, feeling lost without her.


  • "Haguruma" (歯車) means "gear," referencing his job as an engineer and his steampunk-esque aesthetic.
  • "Raito" is a loanword derived from the words light and right, the latter of which reference the Wright brothers. "Raito" is also the Japanese pronunciation of the English word "light", referencing his sister's Japanese name, "Hikari", which is derived from the Japanese word for light.
  • Sorin comes from the word "soaring" and a "sprocket" is a gear, referencing his Japanese name.
  • Sprocket may also plays on "rocket", which refers to him using his jetpack during his breakdown.
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