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Space Museum
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The Space Museum at the Cosmos Space Center. Formerly Launch Pad 2, it was converted into a tourist attraction due to financial troubles faced by the Space Center. The museum is open to the public every day of the year from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.


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HAT-1 Article

An article about the HAT-1 launch displayed in the Space Museum.

The Space Museum was originally Launch Pad 2, located on a building connected to the Space Center main building by a corridor on the third floor, and identical to Launch Pad 1 on the opposite side of the main building. The launch pads were both built on a circular rail around the main building, which allowed them to be easily moved to the launch site or switched with each other when necessary.

At some point, Launch Pad 2 was converted into the Space Museum, where visitors could see an exhibit about the HAT-1 Miracle, an event in which the astronaut Solomon Starbuck had managed to successfully launch the Hope probe and return to Earth alive despite malfunctions on the HAT-1 rocket. The museum also included a replica of the rocket and the jacket worn by Metis Cykes, an employee of the Space Center and member of the HAT-1 team who had been murdered on the day before the launch. However, the exhibit did not mention Metis' murder, as the government had covered up any connection between it and the HAT-1 Miracle, as well as the fact that the malfunctions had in fact been the result of sabotage.

Although there were plans of creating an entrance to the museum on the ground floor, they were canceled due to budget cuts, and so the only entrance remained the third floor corridor accessible from Boarding Lounge 2 in the main building.

The Space Center bombing[]

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Cosmos Space Center Map 1

A map of the Space Center, showing the circular rail used to switch Launch Pad 1 with the Space Museum.

Seven years after the murder and sabotage, and shortly before the launch of the HAT-2 rocket, the Space Center director, Yuri Cosmos, received a phone call from someone he believed to be behind the past incident, an international spy known only as the phantom. The phantom told Cosmos that the HAT-2 would be bombed if he did not call off the launch. The government, however, refused to allow Cosmos to cancel the launch, and so the director decided to use the Space Museum in a plan to make it appear as if the astronauts had boarded the rocket and narrowly avoided the bombing, without actually endangering them. The plan was for Cosmos to switch the launch pads so that the astronauts, Starbuck and Clay Terran, would board the rocket replica in the Space Museum instead of the real one.

In order to do this, Cosmos placed a "closed for repairs" sign on the door to the Space Museum prior to the switch so that normal visitors would not enter. However, Metis' daughter Athena Cykes went to the Space Center on the night before the launch, wanting to see her mother's jacket, and snuck into the Space Museum despite the sign. As soon as she saw the jacket, Athena was overcome by the trauma of her past and lost consciousness in the passage behind the rocket. Cosmos proceeded to switch the launch pads, followed by Starbuck and Terran staging their escape from the Space Museum into Boarding Lounge 1. However, the phantom had been aware of the switch and waited for the astronauts in the boarding lounge. Once Terran collapsed in the lounge while carrying Starbuck, who was unconscious, the phantom murdered Terran with an utility knife in an attempt to steal the Hope capsule he was carrying, then escaped into the corridor to the Space Museum when Cosmos showed up on the scene immediately afterwards. Cosmos then switched the launch pads back; while they were both moving along the rail, the phantom leapt from the corridor onto an emergency ladder placed on the wall of the main building, in order to avoid being captured by the security camera that would spot him if he took the normal exit into Boarding Lounge 2.

Athena woke up in the Space Museum several hours later, not knowing about the incident or the switch of the launch pads, and left the Space Center.


Starbuck was later accused of Terran's murder, and Athena's boss, the defense attorney Phoenix Wright, took his case. Phoenix and Athena visited the Space Museum during their investigation, with the Space Center robot Ponco showing them around and telling them about the HAT-1 launch.

Cosmos was called as a witness in Starbuck's trial the following day. During his cross-examination of the director, Phoenix managed to figure out almost everything that had transpired on the day of the murder, including the switch of the launch pads, but he came to the wrong conclusion that the killer had stayed in the Space Museum until the switch was complete and escaped through Boarding Lounge 2. This, coupled with a piece of evidence brought in by Detective Bobby Fulbright, ended up pinning the crime on Athena, as she was the only person captured by the security camera in Boarding Lounge 2.

Athena was arrested in Starbuck's place, after which Phoenix returned to the Space Museum with his daughter, Trucy Wright, for further investigation. There, they learned about the murder of Metis Cykes from Athena's friend Juniper Woods.

Robot revolt[]

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Shortly afterwards, Trucy was captured by the Space Center employee Aura Blackquill and held hostage in the Space Museum along with eleven other visitors. Aura's demand was that Athena be handed over to her, but Phoenix instead bargained with her to have a retrial for her brother, Simon Blackquill, who had been convicted for Metis' murder. Aura agreed to this, though she arranged for Athena to be the defendant instead. Nonetheless, Phoenix succeeded in proving that both of them were innocent of the charge, resulting in the hostages being freed.