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Spark Brushel
"I'm Not Picky -- Journalist Just Closes Eyes, Writes", end quote.

Spark Brushel is a mint-breathed freelance reporter and licensed notary who is always looking for his next big scoop. He followed Troupe Gramarye for years after the disappearance of Thalassa Gramarye.

Infiltrating Troupe Gramarye[]

Spark Brushel was on close speaking terms with Magnifi Gramarye, and also knew his daughter, Thalassa. However, one day, Thalassa disappeared, and Magnifi refused to talk about it. Brushel caught the scent of a scoop, and began trying to get close to Zak Gramarye. It took some time, but Zak began to trust Brushel as a confidant. Things suddenly changed three years later with the murder of Magnifi and Zak's ensuing trial for the crime, which ended with Zak disappearing into thin air. Brushel continued with his work, yet the whole time, he couldn't shake the feeling that someone was watching him.

Zak's return[]

Seven years later, Zak returned, posing as a "traveler" named Shadi Smith. With Brushel's help, Zak wrote his will, which passed the rights to the Gramarye magic onto his daughter Trucy. Smith and Brushel then met Phoenix Wright at the Borscht Bowl Club. Wright became a witness to the will, legitimizing it. Later that night, Kristoph Gavin killed Zak, and Brushel couldn't shake the feeling that this was related to whoever was watching him.

Drew's murder[]

Spark Brushel: Ace Journalist.

Several months later, Brushel set up an interview with the reclusive artist Drew Misham, whom he had learned led a double life as a forger. When Brushel entered Drew Studio, he found his interviewee was busy writing a letter, which he hastily crammed into a yellow envelope. Misham then put a Gramarye Commemorative Stamp from a little frame on his desk onto the envelope, posted it through the letter box, and began the interview. He admitted that he had the same feeling as Brushel, the feeling that someone was watching him. During the interview, the artist's daughter Vera served them both coffee. Brushel took his coffee and went to examine the old machinery in the back of the room. As Drew lifted his mug to his lips, he was suddenly seized by paralysis and died of atroquinine poisoning.

Vera was subsequently arrested and Brushel took to the stand as a witness in court, offering his testimony in exchange for exclusive rights to the story. However, through cross-examination by Vera's lawyer, Apollo Justice, his testimony turned out to be unreliable. Justice eventually figured out not only Drew's secret, but that Vera was the true forger. Vera was called to the stand, but while she was being questioned, she succumbed to acute atroquinine poisoning and was hospitalized.

Interviewer interviewed[]

Spark Brushel
Eh? How do I feel about how things turned out? "No Scoop Yet But Journalist's Confidence In Mint Condition", end quoooooote!

Brushel went back to Drew Studio in search of more information for his scoop, where he encountered Wright. Brushel talked about his interview with Drew Misham, including how both men had felt like they were being watched because of their connection to Zak Gramarye. Brushel suggested that maybe Wright was being watched as well. He also talked about Thalassa, giving Wright a photo of her and mentioning that she had another child besides Trucy. Wright helped Apollo Justice win the trial, revealing that Kristoph Gavin had poisoned the stamp seven years ago and had stalked everyone involved with Magnifi's murder case thereafter. After the trial, Vera recovered and Brushel went back on the beat, looking for another scoop. Wright decided not to tell Apollo Justice that he was Thalassa's lost son, leaving it to Thalassa to tell both of her children when she was ready.


Brushel taking notes.

Spark Brushel is always on the hunt for the next big scoop. He is extremely energetic and curious, and he is always moving around. His nose flashes when he finds a good story, and he's often seen writing notes on his arm. He tends to turn some of his speech into news headlines (e.g. "I'm Not Picky -- Journalist Just Closes Eyes, Writes", end quote.) and constantly creates new metaphors. He also seems to enjoy the flavor of mint, as he has a toothbrush handy at all times, enjoys eating mint candies, and is said to give off an overpoweringly fresh smell of mint every time he smiles. He sweats profusely when nervous, especially when trying to hide massive secrets (such as the Mishams being forgers).


  • His Japanese name, "Hamigaki", is a homophone pun on the identical-sounding "toothpaste" (歯磨き). Originally, this name was meant for Pal Meraktis, but it was changed during development.
  • "Spark" may be a reference to the phrases "spark of inspiration" or "to spark controversy". Alternatively, it may be a reference to "sparkling" teeth after brushing them.
  • The name "Brushel" is a play on "brush", most likely meant to be a reference to "toothbrush", reflecting the toothpaste reference in his Japanese name.
  • His French name, Eddy Taurial, is a pun on the word "éditorial" (editorial).


  • Brushel's design originated from a doodle in one of the designer's sketchbooks.[2]
  • His hair resembling toothbrush bristles and the toothbrush and toothpaste in his shirt pocket are references his dental hygiene name pun in Japanese and English.
  • Brushel blinks with his bottom eyelids, which is impossible for a human to do. Another example of this anatomical quirk is the Salarian alien race from the popular Mass Effect science fiction video game series.


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