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Stage (Gourd Lake)
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Di-Jun Huang's speech:

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A stage was set up at Gourd Lake for a speech from President Di-Jun Huang of Zheng Fa in March 2019.

The speechEdit

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In March 2019, President Di-Jun Huang of Zheng Fa visited the United States. Horace Knightley, one of his bodyguards, convinced him to stage an assassination attempt to boost his flagging approval ratings back home. A speech was planned on the 25th, during which the fake assassination attempt would take place. Three days beforehand, Knightley convinced a reporter named Nicole Swift to attend the speech and point a laser scope at the president, setting her up as the "culprit".

Two days before the speech, Shelly de Killer infiltrated the bodyguards in an attempt to assassinate the president for real. When he was in position, he took action, grabbing Knightley by the throat, but Ethan Rooke, another bodyguard, twisted and shot his left arm, forcing him to retreat. The incident forced Knightley to wear a neck brace and caused the president to change the security plans so that only Rooke and Knightley would be on the stage with him. Because Knightley could not turn his head to the right, he was positioned so that he could still do what he needed for the fake assassination attempt.

On the day of the speech, the president's seaplane landed on Gourd Lake and Huang stepped out of it and onto the stage. He delivered his speech, thanking the prosecutor's office for its role in saving Zheng Fa from the clutches of the Cohdopian smuggling ring. During the speech, Swift pointed the laser scope, then Knightley fired a gunshot from behind his bulletproof attache case. The bullet went through one of the Zheng Fa flags on the stage before hitting a Steel Samurai balloon. In the ensuing panic, Knightley and Rooke quickly ran in front of the president to protect him. Knightley fired a second shot, then helped Rooke escort Huang back inside the plane.

The Chief Prosecutor placed Miles Edgeworth in charge of the subsequent investigation. During the course of the investigation, Knightley informed everyone that Rooke had been killed protecting the president, and that Swift would be taken into the plane for questioning. However, de Killer forced Knightley to allow Edgeworth to investigate the president's plane, allowing him to resolve the entire incident and determine that Knightley had killed Rooke. Afterward, the president apologized to Edgeworth and said that he would take responsibility for his deadly publicity stunt.

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