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"Starting Blue" is the third ending theme of the anime adaptation of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy. It is used in the first half of the second season, corresponding to The Lost Turnabout, The Stolen Turnabout, and Recipe for Turnabout, and comprising the 12 episodes from "The Lost Turnabout" to "Northward, Turnabout Express - Last Trial". The song is composed and arranged by Yuki Utamaru, SHIBU, yuma, and Keita Kawaguchi, and performed by halca, with lyrics written by Junko Miyajima.


The ending sequence starts off with an alarm clock, and is assumed to be ringing, as Maya Fey reaches out to stop it, as she wakes up for the morning. We then get a slow montage sequence of Fey's morning routine, with the screen moving sideways while she brushes her teeth and drinks milk from a carton while looking out her window, as the ED plays in the background. We then get a fast sequence of a close-up of her eyes and feet, which is proceeded by a wide shot of her as she makes a camera gesture with her hands. We then see a montage of photos between Fey and Phoenix Wright, including pictures like them chasing each other, Wright snoozing off on his table proceeded by a photo with a serious look on his face. The last two photos consists of Fey and Wright together, with them eating instant noodles and finally, them putting their fists up in the air.


Fey standing in the field of balloons.

A blue balloon then passes by the screen, followed by Fey standing in the sky without her acolyte robes, as blue, yellow and red balloons float past her. We then see her cry tears of joy as the lyrics (of the ED) "Cry Cry Cry" simultaneously plays in the background. She then gets rid of her tears as a smile lights up her face. Fey then throws a paper airplane up in the air, which crosses the path between the distant plane in the background. The paper airplane files in the air for a while, before returning back to the ground and in front of Wright. Wright then picks the airplane and looks up to find Fey waving at him from her apartment, now in her robes. The last few frames shows another real airplane, but it instead crosses the opposite path of the previous airplane (going left instead of right) in the distant background seen when Fey threw the paper airplane (which went right), as the real plane is now following the path that the paper airplane Fey threw.


Japanese Romanization


気持ち 謎めかしたキミの顔
点滅し始めた信号 今なら間に合うかな?

まだはやいよ ゼロになるまで
このストーリー くつがえせる

行こう Try Try Try 出口はどこなの
紐解いて 絡まって 迷子になっても
まっすぐに まっすぐに 目指してくの

いつか Cry Cry Cry 泣きたくなっても
幼い強がりは もう終わり
やっと今 キミと私

もっと Try Try Try 息を吸い込んで
止まれのシグナル 青に変わる
まっすぐに まっすぐに 走りだした

最後の最後まで 信じ続けたいの

Kimochi nazomekashita kimi no kao
Tegakari wo sagashinagara mitsumeteru
Tenmetsu shihajimeta shingou ima nara ma ni au ka na?

Sukurooru suru gamen ga tsugeta
Kateru kakuritsu ichi paasento
Mada hayai yo zero ni naru made
Kono sutoorii kutsugaeseru

Ikou Try Try Try deguchi wa doko na no
Himotoite karamatte maigo ni nattemo
Shinjitsu no mukougawa wo
Massugu ni massugu ni mezashiteku no

Itsuka Cry Cry Cry nakitakunattemo
Osanai tsuyogari wa mou owari
Yatto ima kimi to watashi
Hontou ni hajimaru you na ki ga shiteru

Motto Try Try Try iki wo suikonde
Tomare no shigunaru ao ni kawaru
Fukuzatsu na kousaten wo
Massugu ni massugu ni hashiridashita

Saigo no saigo made shinji tzusuketai no
Kimi to no mirai

Your face, full of mysterious feelings,
I look at you and search for clues
The traffic light begins to change, will I make it in time?

The scrolling screen informs me
Chances of winning = 1 percent
It's still too early, for it to turn to zero
This story can be turned around

Let's go, Try Try Try, where is the exit?
Untie the string, even if it tangles, or I become lost
To the other side of the truth
I go straight, straight towards it

One day, Cry Cry Cry, even if I feel like crying
The childlike bravado is ended
Now, finally, you and I
Are really about to start

More, Try Try Try, breathe in
The traffic light changes to green
Through this complicated intersection
I ran straight, straight ahead

I want to continue to believe in it, to the very end
A future with you


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