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This article is about the piece of evidence in The Inherited Turnabout. For the concept itself, see Statute of limitations.

A statute of limitations book was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Pierre Hoquet.

Dane Gustavia's poisoning[]

Main article: The Inherited Turnabout

Edgeworth received a copy from Justine Courtney. He later used it to show Dane Gustavia that the statute of limitations had been extended due to his trip abroad, and the statute of limitations is stopped until a verdict is reached for possible accomplices on trial.


Statute of Limitations

  • Murder: 15 years *Theft: 7 years
*If the suspect flees to or lives in a foreign country, the time limit is on hold until the suspect returns.
*If possible accomplices are on trial, the countdown is stopped until the verdict is reached, then resumes.
*If charges are pressed to demand compensation, the statute is frozen for the length of that procedure.
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