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This page is about the titular character. For the show itself, see The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo. For other uses, see Samurai (disambiguation).

Steel Samurai
The moon? No, it is you who should gaze upon the moon... For it will be the last moon you ever see! See you in hell, Evil Magistrate!

The Steel Samurai is a television hero played by Will Powers, and later in a live stage show by Larry Butz. He was the main character in The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo, and fought against the Evil Magistrate. At some point, the character marries the Pink Princess and has a child, the Iron Infant.

History of the show[]

Main article: The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo

The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo.

The Steel Samurai was created by Sal Manella, who then directed the Global Studios television show while Dee Vasquez produced it. After Jack Hammer, the actor who played the Evil Magistrate, was murdered and Powers was accused of the crime, the show's future was put into jeopardy. Although Phoenix Wright was able to prove that Powers was innocent, the show was cancelled. However, Manella was inspired to create a sequel called The Pink Princess: Warrior of Little Olde Tokyo when he saw the clothing of Wright's assistant. Another sequel, The Nickel Samurai, was later spawned, although that too was cancelled after its main star was revealed to be a murderer.

Despite these two sequels, the Steel Samurai was still very popular, so much so that a stage show began touring, with the Steel Samurai now married to the Pink Princess and having a child called the Iron Infant. The show was particularly popular in Allebahst, with the stage show adaptation even being part of a historic diplomatic event at the country's embassy in the United States.

Other media[]

The Steel Samurai makes a cameo appearance in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3; when the character Hsien-Ko makes her entrance onto a stage, cameo items can fall out of her sleeves. One such possible item is a statue of the Steel Samurai similar to the one seen in Miles Edgeworth's office. This can be seen near the start of one of Strider Hiryu's gameplay trailers (which can be seen here). The same statue also appears as one of the possible pieces of "junk" evidence Wright can pick up while searching the ground for clues.


  • His Japanese name, "Tonosaman", may come from "tono" (殿), meaning "lord" (this kanji is on his forehead, and is the same as the honorific "-dono" frequently used by Simon Blackquill), the polite honorific "-sama" (様), and "man" (i.e., "human").
  • His name in the unofficial Brazilian Portuguese fan translation is Samurai de Aço. An adaptation of the English name.