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A stolen 0-series file was a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Buddy Faith.

Det. Faith's murder[]

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After the murder, the culprit wrote the name of Dick Gumshoe in Faith's blood on a nearby set of files. Later, Tyrell Badd broke into Room 1202, formerly the office of Byrne Faraday, in order to steal files containing information on the KG-8 Incident. He found what he needed in one of the files with Gumshoe's name written on it, but before he could leave, in entered Miles Edgeworth, the office's present occupant. Taking advantage of the darkness and the shock of discovering a detective's dead body, Badd fired a warning shot and escaped into the 12th Floor Hallway before Edgeworth could identify him.

Edgeworth discovered that the file was missing after moving the body and examining the shelves hidden by him. It was eventually used to prove that the file had been stolen after being written on, making it impossible for Gumshoe to have killed Faith without noticing the supposed dying message implicating him. Edgeworth later found the missing file under a sofa in the hallway outside, albeit with the KG-8 information missing.

Defeat of the smuggling ring[]

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Shortly after Calisto Yew had been arrested, Detective Badd revealed that he had taken the file. He later gave the pages he took, along with the trump card Edgeworth needed to arrest the ringmaster and the videotape that Jacques Portsman had on him.

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