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Stolen costumes were a piece of evidence in Miles Edgeworth's investigation into the murder of Oliver Deacon, also known as Colin Devorae, at the Gatewater Land theme park.

Amano's kidnapping and Devorae's murder[]

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During the course of the fake kidnapping of Lance Amano, he, Lauren Paups, and Colin Devorae took three of the badger costumes to disguise themselves. However, there was an altercation between Amano and Deacon resulting in the latter being shot dead. Amano used the costumes to his advantage in a plot to frame Paups for the murder. He knocked out Edgeworth and put the Bad Badger's Head on his head to disguise him as Deacon. He convinced Paups that he had restrained Deacon and gave her a gun for protection, though it was actually a prop. Amano later told Paups that Deacon had escaped to the stadium, and headed to the stadium dressed as the Bad Badger (and thus Deacon). As planned, Paups shot him, but then realized what she'd apparently done and threw the gun away.

Later, Edgeworth deduced that the costumes had been stolen after Mike Meekins claimed to have seen a second Blue Badger in the park. Edgeworth later used this fact to prove that there had in fact been three kidnappers. Afterwards, it was used to prove that Paups could not have left any fingerprints on the murder weapon, as she had been wearing a full-body Blue Badger costume.