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Storage Room
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Organization info
Organization type Pawn shop vault
Leader Hatch Windibank
Established Sometime before Apr. 1900
Other dates Apr. 16, 1900: Hatch Windibank is murdered by Robert Crogley during a burglary
Location info
People to meet Iris Watson
Tobias Gregson
Linked locations Hatch's Pawn Shop

The Storage Room within the pawn shop owned by Hatch Windibank contains most of the goods that people deposit before the go on sale.


Main article: The Adventure of the Unspeakable Story

Sherlock Holmes deposited the manuscript for the Hound of the Baskervilles within the shop. It's said to contain information saying Iris Watson's Klimt van Zieks was actually a serial killer. Holmes didn't think the young girl could handle it yet so it remained unpublished and safe in Hatch Windiback's vault.

Iris' friend, Gina Lestrade, didn't believe that the manuscript was in the vault. One night, she snuck into the shop and forced the owner to open the vault by threating him with his own gun. When she found the manuscript, Lestrade realized she wasn't lying. Suddenly, the two of them heard noise outside the vault. Windiback took his gun from the girl and went outside the vault. Lestrade heard lots of noise and by the time the owner came back he was suddenly shot in the heart! Lestrade took his gun to defend herself but fell unconscious.

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