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You may be looking for the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice episode Turnabout Storyteller.

I've been waiting for you, Hershel Layton.

Arthur Cantabella, better known as the Storyteller, was the creator and ruler of Labyrinthia. He supposedly had the ability to make whatever story he wrote come to pass in the real world.


The Storyteller is intelligent, creative, and obsessive, having made it his goal in life to save his daughter from her self-imposed mental trauma by any means necessary. He is also something of a control freak, growing upset when he discovered Layton was introduced to Labyrinthia with his memories intact and sending robotic knights to attack him (not realizing that Darklaw had long hijacked the Story). Despite seemingly displaying a cold attitude towards his daughter Espella, in reality he cares immensely about her, the entire Labyrinthia Project having been created solely to treat her delusions and depression. 


  • Japanese - Riterasuta Katarūshia (リテラスタ・カタルーシア):
    • His Japanese surname "Katarūshia" (カタルーシア) is a play on "kataru" (語る), which means "to narrate".
    • His Japanese given name "Riterasuta" (リテラスタ) comes from the word "riterachā (リテラチャー), which is the English word "literature".
  • English/Dutch - Arthur Cantabella:
    • "Arthur" is a play on "author", while "Cantabella" is derived from the Italian for "sings" (canta) and "beauty" (bella); these meanings are more likely meant to be intended for his daughter. "Cantabella" may also be derived from "bell", in a similar manner to the surname of his friend Newton Belduke.
  • French - Roman Novella:
    • His French given name, "Roman", comes from the French word for "novel", while his surname "Novella" means "story" in Italian (as well as being used to refer to a short novel in English).
  • German - Louis de Narrateur:
    • His German given name, "Louis", is the French form of "Ludwig". "Ludwig" comes from the Old High German words for "famous" and "fight", which is fitting considering that he rules, and is the most famous person in, Labyrinthia. His surname "de Narrateur" is French for "of narrator". Since the Storyteller's full name isn't revealed until late in the game while Espella's is known from the start, this likely meant to be a hint of the relationship between the two.
  • Spanish - Arthur Fable:
    • His Spanish surname "Fable" comes from the English word for a story with a moral or lesson.
  • Italian - Dedalus Minstrel