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A strip of cloth was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Bruce Goodman and the SL-9 Incident.

Goodman's murder[]

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Wright initially found the cloth in Damon Gant's safe. However, Dick Gumshoe withheld it from Wright until he proved a connection between the cloth and the case. Wright checked the cloth for prints, confirming that the handprint on the cloth belonged to Ema Skye. Wright later used the cloth and the unstable jar to prove that Gant was hiding evidence.

Later, during the final session of the trial of Lana Skye, Gant attempted to have Wright show the cloth to prove that Ema had killed Neil Marshall. However, Wright withheld the evidence until Gant admitted to cutting it off Marshall's vest. Only then did Wright present the cloth, and noted that there was no blood on it, which meant that Marshall had still been alive when Gant had arrived at the scene and cut out the cloth, proving that he was the real killer. Gant tried to throw out this evidence as illegal, but Wright countered that he had been unable to present the cloth until it's relevance to the case had been proven and until it was approved by the police department, which Gant as the police chief had enthusiastically done to try to implicate Ema for the murder.

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