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Studio One is one of two recording studios at Global Studios and was where the actor Jack Hammer was found after he was murdered. A cardkey is needed in order to enter, which means that only employees who need to access Studio One can normally do so. However, defense attorney Phoenix Wright was able to enter by "borrowing" Will Powers's cardkey from his dressing room. This same cardkey was later lent to Wendy Oldbag since, as a security guard, she didn't have the access to the studios.

The false crime scene[]

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On the day of the murder, Hammer stole the Steel Samurai costume from Powers's dressing room and went to Studio Two to kill Dee Vasquez. However, Vasquez ended up killing him in self-defence. Meanwhile, the Global Studios mascot's head fell onto the path to Studio Two. After the head was cleared, Vasquez had Sal Manella take her and Hammer's body to Studio One in a studio van. Hammer was changed into his Evil Magistrate costume and left in the studio. This ensured that Hammer's body would be found in Studio One, giving everyone in Studio Two an alibi during the time of his death. Later, Vasquez, Manella, Wendy Oldbag, and Penny Nichols arrived and discovered the body, and Powers, who had turned up late because he was sleeping, was arrested for the murder.


Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey took Powers's case, and "borrowed" his cardkey in order to access Studio One. Inside, while examining the cameras, Nichols arrived and requested that Fey leave them be. Wright questioned Nichols and learned that someone from outside the studios had been present on the day of the crime.

The next day, Wright and Fey attempted to ask Vasquez about the murder, but she refused to help until she was given the script to Episode 13 of The Steel Samurai: Warrior of Neo Olde Tokyo. Despite Manella not knowing where it was, Wright and Fey eventually found it on the director's chair in Studio One. Later on, Wright gave the cardkey to Oldbag as a trade for her "hostage", a Steel Samurai trading card, to give to Cody Hackins. The next day, Wright proved in court that Studio One was not the scene of the crime, and Hammer had actually been murdered in Studio Two.


Studio One is where the recurring ladder vs. stepladder conversation between the protagonist and his assistant (in this case Phoenix Wright and Maya Fey) first appeared. A similar conversation has occurred in all other Ace Attorney games to date.

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