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Studio Two
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Studio Two is one of two filming studios in Global Studios and was the scene of two deaths. It was a movie set during the time of the first death. Afterwards, it became a meeting place for the executives. One of the vertical rails on the spiked fence that borders the flower bed is bent slightly. This is the same spike that caused both the deaths that occurred in Studio Two.

First death[]

Manuel Death Photo.png

During the filming of a new movie, the protagonist Jack Hammer accidentally pushed another actor onto a spiked fence near a trailer in Studio Two, killing him. The producer, Dee Vasquez, covered up the incident, but blackmailed Hammer into working as bit-part characters for little pay. This continued for five years, until one day, when Hammer decided that he could take this treatment no longer.

Second death[]

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Hammer resolved to kill his blackmailer. He drugged a fellow actor, Will Powers, with sleeping pills, then put on Powers' costume and headed to Studio Two to kill Vasquez, managing to fool the security guard along the way. Unfortunately for him, Vasquez pushed Hammer onto the spiked fence in self-defense, in a very similar way to the murder years before. With the help of the director, she used the van parked at the studio to move the body to Studio One and an incinerator in the Studio Two to burn the evidence.