Susato Mikotoba
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Susato Mikotoba
If it's legal knowledge you need, just leave it to me!
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Susato Mikotoba was a judicial assistant who lived in Japan during the Meiji period.[3] She has something of a sweet tooth and enjoys reading law books.

First encounters with Naruhodō

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Susato Mikotoba first appears to Ryūnosuke Naruhodō with Yūjin when Naruhodō got arrested for the murder of John Watson. Yūjin tells Kazuma Asōgi to go see the judge in his chambers, since Asōgi sent an application for a change of the defense attorney fairly recently, that it caused some disarray. Susato accompanies Asōgi to the Judge's chambers.

She laters appears when detective Satoru Hosonaga says that no poison was found in the bottle of carbonated water Watson had. Before she could be thrown out of the courtroom, she gives Asōgi and Naruhodō the research notes of Jezail Brett, an exchange student of Watson's who was also a witness. They request to look at the notes because they found out that Brett was researching a poison called curare and Japan had no current methods to detect. Eventually, Jezail Brett was revealed to be the true killer of John Watson.

Before getting ready to accompany Asōgi for his trip abroad in England, Susato cleaned out her father office. He saw a box with that said Hound of the Baskervilles on it, but when her father arrived he told her never to tell anyone about what she saw.

Main article: The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band

Susato Mikotoba later accompanies Kazuma Asōgi on the S.S. Alaclaire to London for his study abroad so she can practice being a judicial assistant. But half a month on their voyage, Asōgi was somehow killed. Susato always waited for Asōgi in from of the cabin for his routines. However, she heard nothing this time so she knew he was already dead. The door latch was opened by force and she and the Russian sailors saw Asōgi collapsed on the floor. A detective on board the ship, the famous Sherlock Holmes, whom Susato is a big fan of, deduced that Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, whom Asōgi smuggled in the closet, is the killer.

Meeting Sherlock Holmes with Naruhodō.

Susato is very angry at Naruhodō and demands to know his motive. Even though he says he's innocent, she explains that this room had been locked down when Asōgi was killed. He was the only one in there so he must be the culprit. Naruhodō is persistent but Susato tells him not to move. She'll investigate Asōgi's death alone and flips Naruhodō with the "Susato Toss" when he tries to leave. Since he acted as his own attorney, she shows her a seal saying "Don't Open" that was on the closet door. Asōgi would always place it there when the sailors came by. If he was the culprit, the seal would have to be pealed off, but Susato realizes that they found it still on the closet at the time. As the two investigate the room, Sherlock Holmes appears on Asōgi's desk. Susato owns every issue of Great Britain's Strand magazine.

Afterwards, she read Asōgi's journal and learns that he heard a low whistle at 1:23 a.m., and he saw a "speckled band" near the vent that connects to the next cabin twelve minutes later. She decides to follow Holmes after investigating the room a little more. The two see Satoru Hosonaga disguised as a sailor, he was assigned to protect Kazuma Asōgi. The detective allows them to leave after hearing about the "speckled band".

Susato and Naruhodō see senior sailor Mitrov Stroganov. He tells of Grimesby Roylott, the guest in the cabin. After Holmes knocks down the door, he is going to perform his Great Deduction, much to Susato's glee. But his conclusion that the Russian refugee Dmitri Demiglaski kidnapped ballerina Nikomina Borschevic doesn't sense. Susato says that Holmes is just a little off-point, so she tells Naruhodō to correct him. He does so and figures out that Grimesby Roylott is acutally Nikomina Borschevic who ran away from her troupe. When Holmes reveals that the Alaclaire didn't anchor any harbor the night before, Susato remembers Stroganov refusing to talk about the stops earlier. Stroganov enters the room and they can't investigate the room right now.

Susato Mikotoba couldn't believe they were thrown out without any new information, and now Stroganov is guarding the cabin. So the two decide to investigate Kazuma Asōgi's cabin some more. The receive a corpse examination report of him from Hosonaga that he got from the ship's doctor, the cause of death was presumably poison or a broken neck. Holmes was looking at the floor then quickly left, he said he found shoe polish near the glass fragment, Susato remembered that Asōgi would use shoe polish. Detective Hosonaga has to go keep watch soon, he and Naruhodō suddenly get headaches. Back in the Cabin Corridor, Susato and Naruhodō interrupt Holmes reading the voyage log much to his anger. Holmes gets a headache too and leaves, then Susato admits she's been getting one as well.

In Borschevic's cabin, Susato and Naruhodō are about to open to the trunk. Suddenly, the ship's emergency bell rings as they are approaching another ship and might collide. The ship begins to rock and the two of them fall down. When the ship stopped the latch on the door suddenly closed and the books fall. Susato Mikotoba has just opened the door for Satoru Hosonaga and Mitrov Stroganov, Hosonaga reveals has just hit some dense fog and will be stopped for a while.

Holmes says he found the "speckled band", a snake wrapped around Strogonav. Susato notes that it is striped, but Holmes says in his deduction that it shed his skin. Susato is the only one unipressed with Holmes second deduction about the snake being the true killer of Kazuma Asōgi. She reveals that snakes are reptiles so they don't drink milk, they are deaf so they can't hear whistles, and they use the scales on their stomachs to move so they can't go down the calling bell sash on their own. The snake turned out to be Strogonav's harmless pet, "speckled band" was a cat toy Nikomina Borschevic used to get her kitten back.

Susato tells Borschevic that despite what happened to her, she has no right to lie when involved with a murder, she doesn't think this is the truth. Susato and Hosonaga later realize that they all got headaches because the chicken dinner was tampered with sleeping drugs. Susato didn't think Asōgi was dead when Borschevic entered the cabin last night until Borschevic reassures her. But then Holmes shows her earring that was in Asōgi's hand, exposing her as the real but accidental killer.

Susato Mikotoba is sobbing holding Asōgi's katana, she can't believe Nikomina Borschevic's mistake. Satoru Hosonaga is sad that he failed his mission and made Naruhodō and Susato suffer pain. Suddenly, Naruhodō is handcuffed again and Holmes appears. Susato thanks him for his help and he express his condolences of them losing their friend. Holmes suggests that Naruhodō takes Asōgi's place as the exchange student, he accepts. Susato thinks that's wonderful, Hosonaga reluctantly agrees, he will try to send a report to the government and leaves to see the captain about the incident. Susato will teach Naruhodō all there is to know about being an attorney and gives him Asōgi's katana. Susato also requests Naruhodō to toss her five times, after a conversation on martial arts she performs the "Susato drop" on him.

As Naruhodō's assistant

First trial in London

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Defending a fellow Japanese

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Return to Japan

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Acting Defense Attorney

Main article: The Adventure of the Blossoming Attorney

When Susato returned to Japan, she found out that her dear friend Haori Murasame was accused of murdering Jezail Brett. Wanting to help her friend, Susato decided to pretend to be Ryūtarō Naruhodō, Ryūnosuke's cousin.

Return to England

Main article: The Return of the Great Departed Soul


On default circumstances, Susato would have the personality similar to a typical Yamato Nadeshiko. However, as Susato finds herself slowly growing closer to other people, she would begin to assume a much more cutesy and casual way of speaking, which includes her speaking in third person. She also has a fondness for reading and likes to learn, and is highly intelligent. However when she is suspicious, she does not let her personal feelings rule over her train of thought, hence still suspecting Naruhodo in The Adventure of the Unbreakable Speckled Band. Susato is also shown to be quite strong in a physical sense, having performed several "Susato Throw"s and "Susato Drop"s on Ryūnosuke Naruhodō.


Susato Mikotoba is designed around the yamato nadeshiko archetype, with a somewhat believable, but ultimately impossible, hairstyle. Overall, her design is fairly subdued to contrast with Sherlock Holmes and Iris Watson.[4] It can also be noted that her outfit draws inspiration from the typical Meiji period jōgakusei image, which consisted of mainly a kimono, hakama, and boots.


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