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A switchblade knife was a piece of evidence in Phoenix Wright's investigation into the murder of Bruce Goodman. The knife was submitted as evidence against Joe Darke as the weapon he used to murder most of his victims. According to the hypothesis laid out by the special team in charge of the case, in August 2014, Darke had killed a pedestrian with his car. He had then killed four other people with the knife, each having witnessed evidence of his previous crime.

Final murder?[]

Main article: SL-9 Incident

Darke had the weapon with him when he turned himself in in February 2015. During questioning, the power was cut in a storm. Darke escaped and attempted to take a young Ema Skye hostage. While Neil Marshall was able to intervene, he was subsequently killed by an ornamental blade in Damon Gant's office. Needing decisive evidence and hoping to protect Ema, who she believed had accidentally killed Marshall, Lana Skye broke off the tip of the blade and stuck it in Marshall's fatal wound. This ensured Darke's conviction, and the knife was put into storage.

Final murder[]

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On the first day of Lana Skye's trial for Goodman's murder, Damon Gant submitted the knife to court after a second search of the scene turned up the knife, stuffed into Miles Edgeworth's car exhaust pipe with Lana's muffler in it. It would eventually reveal the connection between the incident at the police department and Goodman's murder, as it had been stolen from the evidence room where the former murder occurred and was found at the scene of Goodman's murder. Later, Wright showed the knife to Angel Starr, Dick Gumshoe, and Miles Edgeworth, and asked them about the SL-9 Incident and the allegations of forgery against Edgeworth. Wright was later able to show the court that Goodman had already been killed using the switchblade knife before Lana had stabbed the body.