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Taifu Toneido
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Taifu Toneido was a rakugo master and the victim in one of Athena Cykes' cases.


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Taifu was a rakugo master, with two students under his care, Geiru Toneido and Uendo Toneido. When it came time to choose who would take the name "Uendo Toneido", as per rakugo tradition, he chose Uendo over Geiru, upsetting her, but not wanting her to be bound to her father's name or rakugo.

Being suffocated by Geiru.

As he and Bucky Whet were preparing for the naming ceremony, they were making udon noodles, so he could cheer Geiru up and convince her to try and find her own path, instead of being caught up in inheriting the name, unknowing of the reasons for her obsession and how embittered she became, and that she regarded his request as one final snub. At a moment he was alone practicing "Tokisoba", with Uendo asleep, Geiru came and began to suffocate him with the udon noodle dough. He fought back, slicing her forehead with his knife, making her bleed into the dough as he died.



Taifu was described as working in mysterious ways and somewhat eccentric. He would never directly tell his students or friends something he was concerned about for them, a trait that would lead to his death and his close friend accused of it. He had a fondness for soba, and was famous for his soba-based rakugo routines. He would often have a drink or two before performing, claiming it would make him more eloquent. He was apparently a model train collector as well.


  • His Japanese given name, "Bakufuu" means blast, like one from an explosion. It could be referencing the fact that his murder trial takes place in Courtroom No. 4, where a bombing incident occurred.
  • "Senpū" (旋風) means "hurricane" and "Tei" is often part of a rakugo performer's title.
  • His English given name and last name are a play on "typhoon" and "tornado", respectively.
  • His English nickname, "Shisho" comes from the formal address of teachers in traditional Japanese arts, like rakugo.


  • Being 70 in his debut episode, Toneido is the oldest victim in the series.