Taizou Uzukumaru
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Taizou Uzukumaru
Imperial Army, Sergeant Uzukumaru... Reporting for duty!

Taizou Uzukumaru was a soldier dining at the La Quantos restaurant when John Watson was murdered. He appeared as a witness during Ryūnosuke Naruhodō's subsequent trial for the crime.

Thievery exposedEdit

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Finding the salary of a soldier lacking when it came to providing for his young son, Koroumaru, Taizou resorted to stealing from the wealthy patrons of the La Quantos restaurant every three days. As he would eat at the establishment in order to appear as just a normal customer, he would avoid having to pay for cutlery by simply biting directly into his food in a barbaric fashion. One day, after stealing a koban from an antique dealer named Sanmon Sonohigurashi, a gunshot rang out from inside the restaurant which appeared to have originated from a young man holding a gun and resulted in the death of a foreigner. The apparent killer was quickly arrested. Since an undercover detective called Satoru Hosonaga was preventing anyone from leaving, Taizou realized that, as a witness, the police would search his pockets and find the koban. He therefore he hid it under the beefsteak he had been eating and swapped the plate with one at the table where the murder victim had been sitting, in the hope that he would eventually be reunited with the coin and sell it.

Taizou broken down

Saluting with his son.

During the trial for the murder, Taizou brought Koroumaru with him. Detective Hosonaga told both him and Sonohigurashi to keep quiet about the British woman who had also been at the restaurant, as it could cause diplomatic problems between Japan and the British Empire. However, the defendant, Ryūnosuke Naruhodō, acted as his own defense attorney and was soon able to not only determine that she had been present at the crime scene, but also expose Taizou as the one who had stolen Sonohigurashi's koban. After Taizou admitted his guilt, Naruhodō revealed that the beefsteak plate Taizou had swapped had the victim's blood on it, which allowed him to prove that the British woman had been the true culprit.

Before Naruhodō left, Taizou had an argument with Sonohigurashi about the koban while Naruhodō asked them to move from the bench they were sitting on so he could look for his defense attorney armband, which he had misplaced. The two men then heard about how Kazuma Asōgi first met Naruhodō, as well as how bad the former was at tongue twisters. At some point after this, Taizou was put on trial for his theft.


Taizou Uzukumaru mugshot


As a soldier, Taizou is very formal and tries to act in a disciplined manner, although this was frequently hindered during his appearance in court by the interference of his young son. Although proud to be a member of the Japanese military, the poor pay forced him to resort to petty theft to sustain his family.


  • His surname "Uzukumaru" (渦久丸) may come from "uzukumaru", meaning "to crouch".