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Taka is a hawk that is the animal companion of prosecutor Simon Blackquill, and often perches on his shoulder. Blackquill uses Taka in court to harass his opponents and witnesses. Taka is also used to relay information involving the cases Blackquill is involved in, carrying it in his beak.

Taka is shown to have considerable intelligence and a very close bond with Blackquill; often performing commands without having to be asked. His intelligence was also enough to buy and bring manju buns to court in Turnabout Storyteller.

Taka's interruption prevented Apollo from using his bracelet during the events of The Monstrous Turnabout; Blackquill considering it "cheating" until he eventually saw its utility in Turnabout for Tomorrow.


  • His Japanese name, "Gin" (ギン), means "silver".
  • His English name, "Taka", is the Japanese word for "hawk". According to Janet Hsu, his English name is a holdover from a undisclosed scrapped plot point.[1]


  • As Japanese falconry, known as Takagari, was a symbol of nobility and warrior spirit for samurai, having a pet hawk is yet another samurai-like quality about Simon Blackquill.
  • Taka is most likely a broad-winged hawk, due to his yellow beak, coloration, broad wings & stripe pattern, but could also be based on the mountain hawk-eagle and/or Japanese sparrowhawk.


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