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Taka is a hawk that is the animal companion of prosecutor Simon Blackquill, and often perches on his shoulder. Blackquill uses Taka in court to harass his opponents and witnesses. Taka is also used to relay information involving the cases Blackquill is involved in, carrying it in his beak.

Assisting Blackquill[]

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During the trial of Jinxie Tenma for the murder of Rex Kyubi, Taka harassed Apollo Justice to prevent him from using his bracelet, which Blackquill considered "cheating"; the prosecutor would eventually see its utility and allow its use during Athena Cykes's trial for the murder of Clay Terran.

Return of the hawk[]

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Taka is shown to have considerable intelligence and a very close bond with Blackquill; often performing commands without having to be asked. His intelligence was also enough to buy and bring manjū to court during Bucky Whet's trial for the murder of Taifu Toneido.


  • Japanese - Gin (ギン):
    • May be a play on kīn (キーン), an interjection in Japanese that is onomatopoeia for a piercing ringing noise, possibly in reference to the cry of a hawk. With different kanji (ぎん), "gin" is Japanese for the metal silver.
  • English - Taka:
    • "Taka" (タカ) is the Japanese word for a hawk or falcon. According to Localization Director Janet Hsu, this choice is a holdover from a undisclosed scrapped plot point.[1]


  • As Japanese falconry, known as Takagari (鷹狩), was a symbol of nobility and warrior spirit for samurai, having a pet hawk is yet another samurai-like quality of Simon Blackquill.
  • Although his species is not stated in-game, Taka appears to be a species of hawk in the genus Accipiter, due to the distinctive thick black and white barring on the tail, the tail length, facial markings, and full breast streaking. Due to the games' original setting being Japan, he is potentially either a Eurasian sparrowhawk (Accipiter nisus) or a juvenile Japanese sparrowhawk (Accipiter gularis).