"Reclaim the Glory of Kurain"

I just want to ask, is it 100% known for sure that "Reclaim the Glory of Kurain" is just a straight translation of what it said in the Japanese version of the game? I just find it a bit too much of a happenstance that it just so happened to translate to a complete pastiche-looking slogan of "Make America Great Again"; and at around the time that the 2016 presidental campaigns were going on and that slogan was all over the place, no less. 08:29, January 21, 2020 (UTC)

The thing for me is, Atishon's slogan honestly doesn't resemble Trump's all that much. It's simply lampooning a tendency of election candidates to claim that they'll lead whatever jurisdiction the office is for to a bright and shining future (because the last person was bad/incompetent). Even if straight-up jingoism is supposed to be implied, it's not like Trump invented jingoism. It's possible that the localization team had the U.S. presidential race on the mind, but I have serious doubts about them intentionally trying to make such a reference, which they probably knew would have been seen as tasteless at the very least. I don't know if it's a relatively straight translation, but it seems a lot more likely to me. capefeather (talk) 02:29, January 22, 2020 (UTC)
I'm not really sure why it would be "tasteless", to be honest. Setting aside whatever the slogan means to people nowadays, particularly to keep this apolitical, I think if there is a reference to the slogan that it is more intended to reference the slogan in general, not Trump's specific usage of it. Trump did not invent it, it has existed for decades in American politics. And, outside of what it has come to mean in any respect these days, the slogan in itself has always more or less been a generic jingoism slogan within American politics. Back in 2016, it still wasn't as of then so strongly associated with just Trump; although it was certainly a slogan that was in the public consciousness and probably brought Trump to mind to most people, the slogan being used so strongly to either support or mock Trump was a phenomenon that has strengthened following his electoral win. Back in 2016 I don't think most level headed Americans would have found the use of "Make America Great Again" to be tasteless, although I agree that if they were localizing the game in this current year they definitely wouldn't do it. I just think it makes some sense the localization team were using "Reclaim the Glory of Kurain" to poke fun at how Atishon is so low on the ladder, since to the average American it'd make them think of "Make America Great Again". As in, instead of making America great again, he's campaigning to make a village great again, because he's a no-name politician (AKA, they weren't taking tasteless jabs at Trump or the slogan, it was just a way for them to take a jab at the character). I could be completely wrong though. I don't want to act like I'm just defecto correct, because I honestly don't know, I'm just saying how I saw it when I played the game. -- 10:53, January 22, 2020 (UTC)
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